Has the arrival of spring brought you tiredness and sleepiness?

You can support your body filling up with alkaline minerals, that is integrating the microelements that are often lost with increased sweating.

Simultaneously this will allow you to maintain the correct acid-alkaline balance.


Maintaining a correct acid-base balance of the body is the basis of daily well-being, the pH influences everything, every chemical process, for this reason we should keep it slightly alkaline, that is just above 7 (7.2-7.4) . The factors that most influence these values ​​are diet, drug intake and stress.

If we do not keep the pH at the correct levels, the body itself will plug this flaw, creating new imbalances: increase in bad cholesterol, demineralization of bones and weight gain.



It is the ideal supplement to promote the mineralization of the organism thanks to its balanced composition which favors the correct elimination of acid metabolic waste accumulated for some time. Alkavita ® Basic mainly makes use of the properties of Potassium, Dolomite, Calcium and Magnesium .

To a lesser extent they are present Zinc, Manganese, Selenium and Iron .

Finally, the presence of Horsetail extract , a rich natural source of silicon which completes and enhances the action of the supplement.

Alkavita ® Basic is ideal for:

  • Those who want to eliminate any acid waste present in the body by favoring its alkalinization;
  • Who feels tired;
  • Those who practice sports;
  • Those who find it hard to concentrate;
  • In combination with Potassium it is ideal in case of muscle cramps, especially at night.

Pack of 180 tablets of 720 mg.

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This supplement uses the alkalizing properties of calcium to counteract excess acidosis.

The Soccer is a key mineral for teeth health , to ensure proper mineralization and bone density ; plays a leading role in the muscle contraction , in the blood clotting , moles metabolic processes , in the immune response and in transmission of nerve impulses.

For Calcium to be used, it must be combined with Vitamin D, a very powerful steroid hormone that is produced when the skin is hit by the right amount of ultraviolet sunlight and is subsequently activated by the kidneys and liver.

Alkavita ® Calcio Mix is ​​ideal for:

  • Those who want to keep the skeletal system healthy and prevent problems such as osteoporosis and bone fragility, is particularly suitable for women;
  • For growing boys, as it helps in proper bone development.

Pack of 180 tablets of 630 mg.

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It is a supplement of Potassium in drops that can be comfortably taken diluted in a glass of water.

Potassium is a mineral that allows you to maintain the correct acid-alkaline balance, it also regulates the transmission of nerve impulses and consequently the contraction of muscle fibers.

It is enough to take 10-12 drops in a glass of water before the two main meals to see the first results.

Alkavita ® Gocce is ideal for:

  • For those who suffer from muscle cramps, in this case the combination with Magnesium Chloride is ideal, even the Dermal Spray version.
  • Athletes.
  • Those who need to supplement Potassium following increased sweating, such as the change of season.

100 ml pack.

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