In our opinion, the first element, in order of importance, to be taken into consideration for proper nutrition is:

  • The weather that you need to invest in shopping smart and aware , to read the ingredients and nutritional tables. If you don't buy "junk food", you won't find it in the pantry in times of weakness and temptation. Choose seasonal fruit and vegetables, preferably local or bought directly from the producer.
  • The weather to devote to the choice and food preparation . Vegetables, fruits and grains can be combined and cooked in an incredible variety of ways, respecting the flavors and precious nutrients they contain. There are many books and websites ready to offer you delicious recipes that are quick to prepare, just a little imagination. Even if you are home alone, don't think it's not worth lighting the stove, and don't just open a can. Give yourself importance: cook for yourself and plate in a pleasant way, make a meal that satisfies your stomach but also the spirit.
  • The weather from setting the table , sometimes a colored tablecloth and whimsical glasses are enough to completely change the atmosphere. Sit in front of your steaming plate, turn off the phone and the television. Use the meal as a break or as a final ritual of a day, metabolize the latest events or share your thoughts with the rest of the family. Relax, eat calmly and enjoy the flavors.

While it may not seem so obvious to you, the good habits listed above will benefit your health.

The choice of food is the one that has the most obvious results, healthy and quality foods will be able to provide your body with the nutrients necessary for all the complex physiological processes that are the basis of your well-being. It is worth studying the lists of ingredients a little better or contacting a nutritionist for a food re-education.

The next step is the transformation and combination of the ingredients. The choice to use less salt, sauces and sugars is the first step to return to appreciate the true flavors of food. Furthermore, you can enhance taste and aroma with the use of fresh aromas (chives, lemon balm, rosemary, sage or rosemary to grow directly on the windowsill) and spices with nutraceutical virtues . An example is the turmeric , then add it to salads, vegetables or meat risotto to enjoy its flavor and take advantage of its properties.

Eat slowly , chewing well , a correct position during the meal and concentrating on the moment you are experiencing helps the whole digestive system to do its job at its best, avoiding the appearance of burning, bloating, heaviness, pain and the formation of unpleasant gas. Furthermore, an aware mind while eating food helps to bring about the sense of satisfaction and satiety. This allows you to take the right quantities and not to eat due to stress or inertia.

If meal times are structured in a pleasant and satisfying way, it will benefit your mood, your interpersonal relationships and, more generally, the quality of your life!