The Olympics have started a few days ago and all sports and athletes are the protagonists of this moment. One of the consequences of sporting activity is sweating which in the case of athletes is a symptom of good training and good performance.

There are other conditions that can lead to excessive sweating, both pathological and emotional. They can include changes in external temperature, intense emotional situations such as anxiety, stress , fear, embarrassment, anger, or some changes taking place in your body such as the onset of menopause . Sweating can also be linked to inflammation in the body such as a fever or an infection.

A diet rich in spicy foods, exciting substances such as coffee, alcohol, and some thyroid hormone medicines can also increase sweating.


Following intense sweating, it is advisable to take a series of simple precautions, such as re-hydrating with water or drinks rich in mineral salts . Another trick is to try not to stay in excessively hot environments and refresh the skin of the body and face several times a day, even with the use of thermal waters or hydrolates that regulate sweating such as rosemary water.


If the precautions were not enough, you could go to help the body with natural remedies to integrate.

In the event that sweating is due to a particularly inflamed organism and rich in waste substances, it is possible to go to supplement with an alkalizing product that goes to lower acid waste.

🌿 Alkavita basic thanks to its balanced formulation based on Potassium , Dolomite, Calcium and Magnesium, Horsetail, Zinc, Manganese and Selenium is the ideal supplement to promote mineralization and restore and maintain balanced the physiological acid-base balance necessary for the correct health state.

🌿 If you prefer a supplement in drops it is possible to maintain the acid-base balance with the Alkavita drops based on potassium citrate and hydroxide which helps to counteract acidosis and situations of strong emotional stress.

🌿 Potassium can also be taken in capsules in the Potassium gluconate essential for the regulation of body fluids. Suitable for athletes who practice intense physical activity and for intense sweating.

🌿 To help women who enter menopause and suffer from sweats even at night due to hot flashes and hot spots, it is possible to take Normal pause which, in addition to effectively counteracting menopause disorders. Thanks to the presence of red clover rich in isoflavones and phytoestrogens, it compensates for the deficiency of the same estrogens which lead to hot flashes and night sweats.