SUCCHI DI FRUTTA:  fonte di vitamina C? Ecosalute

FRUIT JUICES: source of vitamin C?

When you are a little cooled down or need a boost of energy, a nice orange juice is always a good remedy, but is it really a source of vitamin C ?

Vitamin C is in fact essential for its antioxidant action against free radicals and to ensure better absorption of iron, as well as to strengthen the immune system.

Industrial juices

Most of the juices we buy at the supermarket are made from fruit and vegetables originating from the place of production, which are processed , stored and transported to the store shelf. To ensure their conservation , these products undergo a heat treatment called pasteurization , capable of eliminating unwanted microorganisms but at the same time damaging and altering the concentration of vitamin C , in addition to this, these juices are often added with sugars.

It would be a good thing if, before adding any juice to the cart, you dwell on the label : opt for a juice with a low percentage of sugar (around 12%), even better if it shows on the label " 100% orange juice" .

Homemade juices

If we want a product naturally rich in Vitamin C it would be better to drink a good glass of orange juice , this contains 50 mg of Vitamin C which corresponds to over 80% of the recommended daily allowance.

A fundamental prerogative is to drink the juice within a few hours: the more time passes, in fact, the lower the concentration of the vitamin .

If you want to prepare a fresh drink to enjoy as a snack in the days following production, you can use a teaspoon of ascorbic acid to preserve the juice longer and add vitamin C.

Orange juices have a low calorie content which makes them suitable even for low-calorie diets, in fact they have a moderate content of simple sugars and a good supply of minerals and vitamins .

Vitamin A and the carotenoids contained in a glass of orange juice are essential for the well-being of sight, moreover further studies highlight how hesperidin, a flavoinoid contained in orange could have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular level.

Furthermore, in orange juice there is a good amount of folic acid, a fundamental vitamin especially for pregnant women for the well-being of the fetus, this vitamin contributes to the production of red blood cells essential for the transport of oxygen to tissues and organs . .

Orange juice is perfect to drink in the morning or as a snack.


The simplest method to get a good orange juice is with the juicer , for two glasses you will need about 6 oranges . You can also add some bubbles by adding a little sparkling water (200 ml of water for every 400 ml of juice).

And then room for creativity: you can experiment with mandarins, grapefruits, lemons and cedars to satisfy your palate!