Anxiety, insomnia, nervousness and a slight depression are just some of the symptoms of the so-called re-entry syndrome . After a well-deserved vacation, you often don't feel psychologically ready to start everyday life again!

How to survive? Thanks to Rhodiola Rosea , a powerful adaptogen able to fortify the body from a physical and mental point of view. This puts the body in a position to respond correctly to negative stimuli, to remain strong and healthy to cope with stress in the best possible way. In reality, when the stress is not excessive and the body's response is normal, the stimuli help us to adapt and find new solutions. But when the stress is too much and the response to it becomes excessive, so much so that even the most trivial problems of everyday life seem insurmountable, then its impact can endanger your health.

The active principle of Rhodiola Rosea, responsible for all the benefits that the plant gives, is called rosavin and is able to positively influence the availability of serotonin, the feel-good hormone, norepinephrine and dopamine, which in neurological pathways regulate mood , and norepinephrine which increases physical performance.

In fact, the benefits of this extraordinary plant are manifested both physically and mentally: it increases energy and muscle endurance , reduces recovery times , decreases intellectual fatigue increasing the capacity of concentration and counteracts the disorders of sleep , mood swings and apathy .

While taking Rhodiola decrease or avoid ingestion of stimulants (coffee, tea, etc.). Rhodiola is not suitable for diabetics, as it can slightly increase blood sugar concentrations. It is not recommended for use during pregnancy, during breastfeeding, for those who use blood thinners and for those suffering from heart palpitations.

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