One of the typical annoyances of the summer season are mosquitoes, with the spread of the tiger mosquito their presence is no longer confined only in the evening, but are present throughout the day. Often, to defend ourselves from their attacks, we resort to the use of potentially toxic and smelly products which, in addition to annoying insects, can also damage our body.

The most effective repellent sprays found at the supermarket often contain DEET (diethyltoluamide), an organic solvent that is also used to remove paints and which, once it reaches the bloodstream, can become toxic to the nervous system. The results obtained from various scientific studies suggest that products containing DEET should be used with caution, it would be better to use them only if you are planning a trip to areas where there is a real risk of epidemics transmitted through insects.


Many plants have a natural ability to repel insects and that is why, by exploiting their extracts, it is possible to obtain an effective anti-mosquito without toxicity. They protect for a shorter time than products with DEET, but they do not cause serious damage to our health.

For example, Eucalyptus essential oil has also been approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as an effective mosquito repellent. But there are also other essential oils useful for keeping mosquitoes away such as lavender and lemongrass.

The Fito Mosquito was born using a balanced synergy of essential oils of lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, gernary and lemon. This mix of essential oils can be used in several ways:

  • In the diffuser at home or in the garden: for unforgettable moments without mosquitoes, its floral notes also create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Sprayed on curtains and sheets: 10 drops diluted in 500 ml of water and emulsified with a flake of natural soap.
  • On the skin: 20 drops of Phyto Mosquito in 100 ml of Neem Leaf or Sweet Almond Oil. The dosage can be varied according to the individual result.

If, despite all the remedies, the mosquitoes have prevailed, you can use the essential oil of lavender or the colloidal silver as an after sting. It may also help to take vitamin B6, which by strengthening the immune system reduces the skin's reaction to the sting.

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