Our Potassium presents a new formulation!

On the site you will now find the Potassium in which the percentage of its Gluconate compound has been increased.

Why this change? We wanted to improve the effectiveness of the supplement by increasing the gluconate form for a more performing action during its absorption in the intestine and to prevent the lowering of potassium levels in the body.

Let's take a closer look at what Potassium Gluconate means: it comes from the chemical combination of potassium and glucose, and it is the same form found in food. In particular it can be found in cooked foods such as white or red beans, potatoes (skinned and baked), lentils or split peas. It is also found in cod, yellowfin tuna, salmon, pumpkins, artichokes or natural yoghurt to name a few.

The functions of Potassium are the same regardless of the formulation, only the effectiveness of absorption changes, that is, it is useful for:

  • The transmission of nerve impulses,
  • Muscle contraction,
  • Regulate acid-base balance,
  • The synthesis of muscle proteins,
  • Reduce hypertension.

It is advisable to add potassium in the following cases:

  • Excessive consumption of salt in the diet,
  • Low potassium diet,
  • In case of mental and physical stress,
  • Excessive loss of liquids and mineral salts typical of the summer season.

Often the symptoms caused by a lack of potassium are similar to those of magnesium; the deficiency of one of the two minerals also implies, in most cases, the deficiency of the other. For this reason it is advisable to take both micronutrients at the same time, in particular we suggest you to associate our magnesium chloride with potassium supplementation, enhanced with Vitamin B6 which favors the intestinal absorption of both.

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