Heartburn is a very common and widespread problem. There are those who suffer from it only occasionally, due to an excessive meal or a period of high stress, and those who suffer from it systematically, due to bad habits and an unregulated lifestyle.

When the burning persists and occurs promptly at the end of each meal, it's time to ask yourself a few questions. You may need to revise your lifestyle and try to understand what the real cause may be (for example a situation or a person who just cannot "digest") and intervene before reaching chronicity!

There chronicization , with the passage of time, can lead to the formation of ulcers gastric. Excessive acidity can overcome the protective layer of the mucous membranes, which repair the walls of the stomach, and irritate it to the point of causing real injuries.

In serious situations it comes to gastroesophageal reflux , which can irritate and damage the esophageal mucosa.

  • The grandmother's remedy , which never goes out of fashion, involves taking half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water. A calming effect can also be achieved by drinking one chamomile tea lukewarm. But, unfortunately, it's just about palliatives which can alleviate the problem immediately, but are not a solution.
  • Bud extract Ficus Carica . One of the properties of the buds of the fig tree is to reduce the production of gastric juices and to facilitate the digestive process, optimal if the cause of the burning is due to a period of unregulated nutrition or from stress and tension.
  • In case of frequent digestive difficulties, gastric spasms and irritable colon, the Coriander it helps to reduce intestinal fermentation and to counteract diarrheal phenomena due to poor digestion.