STANCHEZZA ESTIVA: riparti con energia! Ecosalute

SUMMER TIREDNESS: leave with energy!

Energy 1 - Warm 0

Summer is considered by young and old to be a wonderful season, the days are longer and you can devote more time to your favorite activities. Unfortunately, however, the heat and humidity seem to put a strain on our energies and we find ourselves spending time in the cool of the air conditioning.

In order not to waste this wonderful season , find your energy by integrating energizing natural active ingredients.

Spirulina algae

Spirulina Algae is a real energy tablet !

It is useful for supporting the body and as a tonic , being rich in iron it is ideal for anemic subjects, it is also loved by those who follow a vegan and vegetarian diet because it is a source of protein.

The presence of mineral salts also make it perfect for the convalescence period and in cases of reduced immune response .

Energy package

We recommend combining Spirulina Algae with Natural Vitamin C , a food supplement in capsules based on Vitamin C , obtained from Rosa Canina and Acerola extracts.

Together they help reduce tiredness and fatigue by improving the immune system and protecting the body.

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Magnesium B-Vitality

The combination of the properties of Magnesium together with the Vitamins of Group B to promote physical and mental well -being.

Magnesium B-Vitality is a supplement with a very rich formulation, particularly indicated in periods of high stress , in old age , for sportsmen or under mental stress .

It helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue , to restore electrolyte balance and energy metabolism .

Magnesium B-vitality and Potassium package

Due to the high temperatures, we inevitably sweat more and lose many mineral salts that must be integrated to ensure the proper functioning of the body.

Magnesium B-Vitality and Potassium together are invigorating and energizing , in fact, potassium is recommended in cases of intense sweating, dysentery and muscle cramps.