SPIRUTONIC: l'alga energetica Ecosalute

SPIRUTONIC: the energy algae

Spirulina Algae , whose scientific name is Arthrospira maxima or platensis , has a typically blue color tending to green (due to the presence of chlorophyll). It is part of the cyanobacteria genus, also referred to as blue- green algae . It tends to grow in tropical areas , in waters with a particularly basic pH, where it finds an ideal environment for its development and reproduction.

Spirulina is rich in proteins , chlorophyll , as well as carotenoids , minerals , gamma-linoleic acid and even some pigments. Furthermore, the presence of iron inside makes it excellent for those suffering from anemia.

Rich in vitamins , especially B12 , which is hardly present in foods of plant origin, and for this reason, precious for those who follow a vegan diet. Given its high alkaline protein percentage (60%) it is an excellent source of protein without acidifying the body.

It is a concentrate of energy, perfect during convalescence periods, in combination with slimming diets and for those who practice sports . The naturally occurring substances also act as antioxidants .

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The power of algae

Seaweeds are excellent super-foods that can be taken daily to benefit from their many properties .

Do you know them all?

  • Kelp Algae : Kelp is the generic name for brown algae. Algae very useful for their iodine , bromine and potassium content. The Brown algae are used to promote the slimming process, increase the sense of satiety and favor the elimination of toxins.
  • Chlorella seaweed : seaweed that grows in rivers rich in chlorophyll and has 38 times more protein than soy. This does not contain iodine, therefore it can also be taken by those with thyroid disorders. Chlorella is useful in cases of heavy metal intoxication (mercury, lead and cadmium) or to suppress a vitamin B12 deficiency .
  • Carrighenani Algae : also called Irish moss, it helps regulate digestive function, promoting the regularity of intestinal transit and the balance of body weight. Thanks to its thickening and enthralling power, it aggregates with the impurities of the gastrointestinal tract, especially with heavy metals and toxins , favoring their elimination .