In the Middle Ages, Father's Day began to be celebrated on the occasion of St. Joseph , the father of Jesus.

What to give for this anniversary? You know, there is nothing more difficult in the world than to give something to a man, especially to a dad! And in order not to fall back into the usual slippers, we have selected some supplements to surprise him and leave him speechless.

1. Full of energy

Children's eyes never lie: every dad is a superhero with big hands full of love .

Like any self-respecting superhero, energy must never be lacking, have you ever seen a tired superhero? I would say no.

If your energy drops a little, magnesium combined with B vitamins can be for you. Magnesium B-vitality is particularly suitable for periods of high stress , intense sporting activity or in the change of seasons to recharge your energy.

2. Natural after shave

To give the illusion of being younger, we often rely on the razor and say goodbye to the beard for a while.

Despite the experience, cuts and irritations are always around the corner and to reduce redness and itching you can apply a few drops of Nigella Oil with emollient and soothing properties.

3. Digestion ok

After heavy lunches and dinners, where condiments and quantities have no limits, the scene is always the same: spread out on the sofa ready for a nap.

Zenzi Mix based on digestive enzymes promotes digestion and reduces the feeling of thinking and swelling , also useful for those suffering from food intolerances .

Saint Joseph's Zeppole

During this anniversary, the typical dessert par excellence is the zeppola , a fried or baked dessert garnished with custard And sour cherries in syrup ... because it is known that men should be taken by the throat.

Discover the recipe!