"The results of the latest scientific research clearly state it: there are gods in our intestines bacteria that are true fat burners. " 

They belong to the group of bacteriodes and are capable of making you lose weight more than a restrictive diet can. "These microorganisms - explains the professor Emilio Minelli - which everyone has as part of their intestinal flora, they are able to make us lose weight because they prevent sugars and fats from turning into adipose tissue. 

These bacteria decide, it seems incredible but that's it, to make you absorb fewer calories and to let you transform what you eat into energy faster. In fact, they have a positive influence on the metabolism , which becomes faster, allowing you to burn more. It is increasingly evident that the presence of these bacteria in the intestinal flora promotes weight loss but above all it is a guarantee that no more fat will accumulate. 

The more numerous these bacteria are, the more lasting the results you get. It is therefore a question of increasing the number. And this is possible, and also quite simple to do, through nutrition and in particular through the use of fibers, which are what they eat. One more than others has proven to be the favorite food of "slimming" bacteria: inulin. Its action is fast: it only takes a few hours from when you take it to multiply the fat-burning bacteria.

L' inulin it is easy to find because it is present in many foods, but you can also take it as a supplement. In particular, it is perfect if the diet no longer gives you results or when you have "long-standing" buildups that you just can't get rid of.

As a fiber, inulin it is part of the carbohydrates. It is a sugar composed of long chains of fructose, but that it does not provide calories and, on the contrary, helps to dispose of them. 

Inulin it is present mainly in plant foods and in particular in the roots, but also in tubers. It is also contained in salads and especially in radicchio.

With the inulin supplement you see the results immediately because it allows you to take in much more than you could simply through your diet. It usually comes extracted from chicory roots and has no contraindications. 
While you take the inulin you can favor its action by simultaneously taking lactic ferments : you must choose those that contain strains of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in significant quantities (at least one billion). Take one capsule every day, on an empty stomach, in the morning, before breakfast. "


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Professor Emilio Minelli, Deflate your belly with inulin , Riza, Losing weight, March 2016.