From this Monday the summer officially began and with it came the time of well-deserved holidays that can sometimes hide a hidden enemy: the constipation and diarrhea of ​​the traveler.

Accomplices are the various journeys by car / train / plane that force immobility for a few hours, jet lag if you reach a distant place and with a different time zone from the country of origin and the change in diet can often lead to constipation of the traveler or on the contrary in episodes of diarrhea.

Even people who don't normally have these types of problems may find themselves facing them.

The triggering causes, in addition to those previously listed, are certainly also linked to a climate and a change in diet that leads to a greater need for hydration. For this reason it is advisable, in the first instance, to take much more fruit and vegetables, rich in both water and fiber, which must be accompanied by a greater consumption of water.

In fact, if in aid of episodes of constipation we go to consume foods very rich in fiber such as dehydrated prunes, bran and whole grains, it is good to increase the daily dose of water.

The fibers, in fact, are very healthy for the body but must be accompanied by good hydration otherwise they cause swelling and constipation.

On the other hand, fibers are also the major nourishment for the intestinal microbiota: the latest research has shown that the microbiota feeds on these, thus feeding the immune defense processes.


In order for the intestine to maintain its balance, in addition to maintaining constant hydration, it is good to follow the advice suitable for the summer season and the holiday period.

  • Try not to drastically change your diet, keeping your eating habits constant and giving preference to fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables.
  • Respect, as far as possible, meal times even on holidays.
  • Try not to overdo it with spicy foods and aperitifs on the beach. Limiting the use of alcoholic beverages which lead to losing a lot of body fluids.
  • Keep the intestinal microbiome in balance with the intake of probiotics and prebiotics that can be altered due to the various changes taking place. For example, Floravita plus contains over 10 billion lactic ferments from 3 different strains: Saccaromyces boulardii, Lactobacillus plantarum and Bifidobacterium animalis spp. lactis. It also contains inulin and B vitamins (B6, B1 and B2) which help regulate the immune system. It is recommended to take probiotics before and during the holiday to better face the holiday, which is sometimes also experienced as a "stressful" episode.

Floravita plus

  • If necessary, a laxative action supplement can be taken to help the intestinal balance in difficulty. Intestinal well-being  is a product that carries out an intestinal cleansing action thanks to the presence of Senna and pineapple. Thanks to its strong thickening power, the Carrigena seaweed also favors evacuation through a mechanical action. In fact, the large quantity of starches, called carrageenans, forms a dense gelatinous mass inside the intestinal lumen that promotes elimination.

Intestinal well-being

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