We are only at the second article of our column so your motivation will still be very high, but the hunger attack it is sneaky and catches you in moments of weakness, when you are sad or tired and you are willing to "pamper" yourself with an XL portion of ice cream or a packet of chips.

But the consolation through food lasts very little, unfortunately feelings of guilt immediately take over, annihilating the motivational boost you need to get back into shape and improve your lifestyle.

Learn to resist to hunger pangs, it will help you see the desired results sooner, stay motivated and proud of your willpower!


1. The most banal, but essential: do not buy snacks and sweets, avoid creating unnecessary temptations. Excuses like: "But children like them so much" are not worth it, they are not good either!

2. When the sense of hunger, between meals, becomes more intense… try to avoid it drinking . You can make yourself a tasty herbal tea with pieces of dried fruit and vegetables. As soon as the temperatures rise you can drink iced lemon tea (homemade) or a simple glass of water flavored with a slice of lime or a few leaves of mint or lemon balm.

3. Distract attention of your mind from food, taking a 10-minute stroll or an activity that completely absorbs your attention. Wipe out boredom hunger with music: play your favorite song and dance!

4. If you are away from home all day, be prepared for healthy snacks and delicious based on yogurt, kefir, raw fruit or vegetables. An excellent food that effectively quenches hunger is dried fruit (up to 30 g per day).


Each of these recipes can be enjoyed at home or prepared in a glass jar with a screw lid that you can comfortably take with you. These combinations satisfy the palate and stomach with less than 200 calories.

  • 50 g of cottage cheese, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of oat flakes.
  • 50 g of low-fat white yogurt, some almonds and a banana cut into small pieces (or two tablespoons of berries).
  • 50 g of low-fat white yogurt, a pear cut into pieces and two cubes of dark chocolate, cut into flakes.

Have a good snack!