Contemporary society is characterized, much more than in the past, by rapid and profound changes that affect all aspects of our life and can cause mood swings .

These changes affect everyday life, our perceptions and our imaginary about the future, in a more or less positive sense. Some life events such as: separations, losses, removals, births and marriages can positively but also negatively affect our mood.

What do mood swings depend on?

Knowing their origin is the first step to address them and improve the quality of life. Let's start with the definition of mood; it is the way in which emotions are manifested and its fluctuations are sudden and sudden oscillations.

There are many emotions and of different types: joy, sadness, happiness, surprise, but also negative ones such as fear, anxiety and terror.

The altered mood causes in the subjects who are affected many disorders such as bad mood, nervousness and anxiety. At the base of these there is almost always a phenomenon of prolonged stress.

It is good not to underestimate these manifestations and immediately go to the shelter, with the help of natural remedies.


To act on bad mood and nervousness it is good to take remedies that act on the body's adaptation to situations that cause prolonged stress, in this case we are talking about adaptogens . Adaptogens are plants such as Rhodiola , Tulsi and Schisandra which allow to strengthen the nervous system and decrease fatigue and nervousness.

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Very often the bad mood depends on hormonal changes that negatively impact on sociability. To be able to improve the general tone of mood, a winning weapon is physical exercise that promotes oxygenation of the brain and stimulates the levels of serotonin, colloquially defined "the hormone of good mood". Even better if the activity is carried out in the open air to benefit from the contact with nature .

Finally, it is impossible to overlook the link that exists between mood, emotions and food: after a satisfying meal we usually feel serene and satisfied. So, we can also indulge in some dark chocolate, a source of serotonin. It will also be useful to regularize our sleep as much as possible, trying to go to sleep and always wake up at the same time. If this were not enough, Linden is an excellent plant with a sedative and calming action on the nervous system. Together with Oats, also with a central sedative action, it acts on the hormonal axis by rebalancing all the sudden changes that cause psycho-physical stress.

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Even the period of menopause can be emotionally difficult for some women, regardless of the presence of more or less severe symptoms, normally linked to this new phase of life. In some women there is a physical change and not only, there is also talk of a physiological "hormonal depression".

How does it work? Some plants such as black cohosh, clover and hops thanks to the presence of isoflavones allow to rebalance the hormonal axis, at the base of all typical menopause disorders. In particular, they also have an action on the central nervous system: they regulate mood, calm anxiety states and counteract insomnia, restlessness and nervousness.

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