The school year is running out and the commitment of the children is put to the test. Especially after a year, more than a year, passed this way. Between fake freedom and quarantines, between the study in the presence and that filtered by a screen, between masks and disinfectants, between real school and virtual school. Stress is around the corner.

Period of exams , checks, performance stress is at the peak of the season! Moreover, if we add to this the climatic change , typical of this season, the recipe for a guaranteed stress has been composed.

And then, you need to lighten the daily load, dedicate time to adequate rest and engage in a healthy diet, to ensure that the energies of the children rebalance themselves.


  • Adjust the power supply . Prefer fruit, in all possible ways: smoothies, concentrates, fruit salads .. A banana a day, with its potassium content, or a kiwi, rich in potassium and vitamin C , can be very useful. Take advantage of seasonal vegetables that are many and very good.
  • Increase the amount of water . Guys sometimes drink little because they forget to do so. Sometimes it should be remembered in order to improve its hydration .
  • To sleep . If during the day moments of sleep are present, the forces of the child will mesh on their own .
  • Respect the natural rhythms . We pay attention and we respect their self-regulation , so when they are tired they sleep, when they are hungry they eat and when they have no appetite they do not eat.


Also the use of natural remedies to fill some nutritional deficiencies and gaps.

To help them face this last obstacle before the much-desired summer holidays, it is possible to recommend remedies to improve their school performance.

In case of anxiety and stress that do not allow concentration for the last questions and checks, try the lime extract . A very useful remedy to calm hyperemotion which in some cases also leads to the appearance of palpitations.

Rhodiola , on the other hand, is an adaptogenic plant which thanks to the presence of salidroside and rosavidin, two aromatic glycosides having a chemical structure similar to that of eleutherococcus , the famous Siberian ginseng. These substances have the ability to promote learning and memory capacity, lowering anxiety.

Antistress complex is composed of a synergy of natural remedies such as Adaptogens (Schisandra, Tulsi and Rhodiola), Oats, Centella, Verbena and Savory. Oats, in particular, are very useful for calming stress if the subject is subjected to heavy work and study loads.