Our liver is an extraordinary organ and is responsible for detoxification otherwise harmful substances consumed with the food we eat and drink. These substances include chemical preservatives, flavorings and dyes added to foods, plus the molecules of plastics, solvents and metals absorbed from or from foods during harvest, processing or from packaging.

After overcoming the intestinal barrier, the liver directly receives the blood, loaded with digestive products, coming from the intestine and, like a real purification plant, metabolizes all the useful nutrients while deactivating and neutralizing toxic substances.

If what we send to our liver is more than it can handle, then contaminants that are not detoxified freely circulate in the body with our blood and fluids, carrying ache And allergic reactions .

This explains how chemicals in our diet can become allergens if the body is unable to detoxify them. It is in this phase that the liver plays a role of primary importance!

When food intolerance is established, the quantity of unwanted substances that must be eliminated increases (such as macromolecules of indigestible foods, antigen-antibody complexes, inflammatory mediators, etc.) and further increases the work carried out by the poor. liver…

… Here is a vicious circle!


Good habits for a happy liver:

  • Properly divide your food intake throughout the day and have 3 to 5 separate meals.
  • Avoid (at least periodically) fried food, alcohol and "junk" food.
  • Consume fruit and vegetables at least 2 or 3 times a day and fish at least 1 or 2 times a week.
  • Add so-called bitter herbs to your diet when they are in season.
  • There liver purification , practiced twice a year (spring and autumn) facilitates its physiological function and helps the organ to remain healthy.
  • Integration with Depur Complex promotes digestive function, protects the liver and facilitates its functionality, has an antioxidant action, supports the microcirculation and the drainage of body fluids. It favors the purification of the organism and is particularly valuable especially in the presence of food intolerances.