One in two Italians manifests the ' re-entry syndrome ' with symptoms such as loss of appetite, nervousness, fatigue. Also known as post holiday blues , more than 34 million Italians are affected in the period from the end of August to the beginning of September.


The main symptoms are bad mood , irritability, poor concentration, insomnia, loss of appetite, fatigue and apathy. All indications of a poor adaptation to the return to the daily routine of life as always.

Not only the body but also the mind is subject to this type of malaise, as it loses the fast pace it was used to throughout the year.

The beginning of September marks the return to the offices after the summer holidays and the return to school for the students.

It is certainly not an easy period that involves the resumption of study or the daily routine which also includes the return of various commitments that lead to an accumulation of stress and fatigue .

To help you face your return with positivity and with the right vitality and avoid the drop in energy that usually occurs, you can help yourself by preparing yourself both physically and mentally by following a correct lifestyle.


Some simple tips to follow:

  • Follow a balanced diet that helps in case of deficiencies in mineral salts and vitamins and gives strength for the intense days of work or study.
  • Dedicate yourself to regenerating activities by giving yourself time for yourself. Sometimes it is difficult but it is essential to be even more efficient at other times of the day. So devote yourself to reading a good book, practicing yoga or mindfulness or devoting yourself to your passions such as cooking or DIY.
  • Plan the various activities in advance by establishing priority scales so as not to get too stressed and stay focused on important commitments.


In addition to following these tips, it is possible to help yourself with natural remedies that prepare us to face this period.

For the stimulating action, use Memora , a medicinal compound based on Ginkgo , Maca , Eleutherococcus and Blueberry helps you regain concentration and memory. A combination of active ingredients that help tone and recover psychophysical well-being thanks to the presence of adaptogenic plants such as Eleutherococcus or Siberian Ginseng.

Magnesium, on the other hand, is very useful for counteracting fatigue and mental fatigue. In the Magnesium B vitality there are three types of Magnesium salts (Glycerophosphate, Citrate and Oxide) vitamins of the B group and Zinc Gluconate, which constitute a concentrate of pure energy, ideal for children and the elderly.

Magnesium chloride - Alkavita mag thanks to the synergy between magnesium chloride and vitamin B6 helps to counteract nervousness, anxiety, states of hyperemotion created by returning to the daily routine.