It is a skin disease characterized by inflammation of the hair follicle and of sebaceous gland annex, which can manifest itself in various ways: from simple comedones to papules or pustules, up to nodules that leave scars.

How it manifests itself

Every inch of our body has about fifteen sebaceous glands, located at the base of the hair, which produce sebum. However, if the latter is formed in excess, it can clog pores and trigger the mechanisms that lead to acne. 

At first appear, on the skin of the face and back, comedones (white points and black points), small skin reliefs in correspondence of the occluded pores, in which the sebum that cannot come out stagnates. Subsequently, in correspondence of the blackheads, an inflammatory process is established due to the accumulation of bacteria that infect the pores. At this point the classic pimples appear, from which real nodules can form.

The causes

A fundamental role in the onset of acne is played by sex hormones; this explains why the annoying skin disease appears during puberty, when hormone production increases.

The culprits are androgens, predominantly male sex hormones but also produced by the female body, which, among other important functions, also exert their effects on the activity of the sebaceous glands of the face, neck and shoulders. Other types of acne recognize different causes, for example constipation, food intolerances, stress and anxiety, massive drug intake and cosmetics.

Useful supplements

  • Zinc: they help reduce skin infections and tissue healing.
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin E: they strengthen the epithelial protective tissue, carrying out an important action in favor of skin health.


  • Eat raw or undercooked vegetables to keep the vitamins in foods intact.
  • Consume alcohol, caffeine, meat, fried foods and sugars in moderation.
  • Periodically undergo a facial cleansing done by a specialist.
  • Undergo a specialist examination, as the appearance of acne could be due to an allergic reaction to food or cosmetics.
  • Use mild detergents, preferably natural ones.
  • It is never advisable to squeeze the boil, better to apply a few drops of Colloidal Ionic Silver or a Calendula-based ointment , to prevent the spread of infection.


The Natural Doctor in the Family, edited by the Riza Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine, 2008 Edizioni Riza