The body is made up of 65% water. It is contained in all body fluids such as sweat, urine and blood and is dispersed during sports by breathing, sweating and urine.

Often with the arrival of heat, sweating increases and we tend to lose, in addition to liquids, even mineral salts.

How do you realize that you have not correctly replenished the lost mineral salts?

If the mineral salts are not reintegrated correctly, various imbalances can occur at the level of various systems and organs. In general, the various imbalances can be summarized in:


A healthy and balanced diet is the basis of prevention and lack of mineral salts . As well as proper hydration, drinking a lot during the day allows you to replenish these micronutrients.

We are talking in particular of 3 micronutrients that are particularly lacking:

  • Magnesium . It is deficient in over 60% of people. It is essential for many functions: muscle activity, normalization of the heart rhythm and for the health of bones and teeth .

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  • Potassium . The main symptoms of its deficiency are: muscle cramps or involuntary contractions of the leg muscles, muscle weakness, tiredness and drowsiness and finally constipation and poor appetite.

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  • Zinc . Very important mineral for the well-being of the uro-genital system and for a young and radiant skin. In addition, it strengthens the immune system and protects vision .

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Reintegrating the previous micronutrients is also essential in the case of a controlled diet.

The advantages of taking them are many, including: