Summer is approaching and this year is expected to be particularly hot. This year, more than ever, we need to relax and fully enjoy the first heat, without feeling tired from excessive heat.

Weakness, exhaustion, lack of energy are the classic alarm bells of a tired and unprepared body to face the beautiful days.

What to do?

Taking magnesium and potassium is a good habit to recharge and always be full of energy, these minerals can be taken thanks to a good diet, but if it is not enough it is necessary to replenish them by taking supplements that contaminate them such as: Alkavita Basic , Alkavita Mag and Potassio Gluconate .

They are ideal minerals for those who play sports and not only, those who feel tired, debilitated, those who want to strengthen bones and teeth, those who want to regain the physical well-being lost due to unregulated nutrition and bad habits.

Let's talk about the products!

Alkavita Basic : the ideal supplement to promote the mineralization of the organism thanks to its balanced composition, it mainly uses the properties of Potassium, Dolomite, Calcium and Magnesium. To a lesser extent there are Zinc, Manganese, Selenium and Iron. Finally, the presence of Horsetail extract is fundamental, a rich natural source of silicon that completes and enhances the action of the supplement. The preponderance of alkaline minerals contributes to reducing acid metabolic waste accumulated in the body for some time.

Alkavita Mag : thanks to its formulation based on Magnesium chloride and vitamin B6 it is a real cure-all for the bone system, nervous system , contributes to counteracting stress , migraine attacks and chronic fatigue , as well as promoting normal sleep / wakefulness balance .

The peculiarity of Magnesium Chloride is the greater ease of absorption by the intestine thanks to its gastro-resistant coating. In addition, it acts in synergy with Vitamin B6 which allows greater assimilation of Magnesium, also supporting the functionality of the nervous system.

Potassium Gluconate arises from the chemical combination of potassium and glucose, and is the same form found in food, which is why it is more assimilable. Potassium is found in large quantities in cooked foods such as white or red beans, baked potatoes, lentils or split peas. It is also found in cod, yellowfin tuna, salmon, pumpkins, artichokes or natural yoghurt to name a few.

Potassium is useful for:

  • The transmission of nerve impulses,
  • Muscle contraction,
  • Regulate acid-base balance,
  • The synthesis of muscle proteins,
  • Reduce hypertension.