POST ABBUFFATE: sventoliamo bandiera bianca Ecosalute

POST BERRY: we wave the white flag

I know, the guilt is making itself felt.

" From Monday diet !" " I join the gym " " Stop carbohydrates " are probably the phrases that we will hear more in the days to come, but everyone knows that in most cases these good intentions are very ephemeral.

To recover from the holidays we need to take care of our body and not stress it further . We start this 2022 with the awareness that too drastic diets and excessive physical activity damage the body and do not bring us any benefit.

Instead, we pamper the body, through precautions that can really make a difference and make us face the year with full energy .


First of all is hydration : it seems trivial but it is fundamental, it will allow us to eliminate all the toxins and excess fluids accumulated in these days.

If you find it difficult to finish 2 liters of water a day, you can opt for herbal teas or infusions . (Sugar-free of course, rather choose zero-calorie sugars like erythritol )


Prefer white meat to red and plenty of fruit and vegetables (no, fried courgettes are not included).

Also pay attention to condiments : butter and lard can wait in the refrigerator door. We choose two tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil , perhaps combined with a few drops of lemon, pepper and salt.

Fats help to increase triglierides , blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood which, certainly after these holidays, will already be skyrocketing . It is possible, even before relying on drugs, to start a natural path to regulate pressure and the amount of fat: discover the package dedicated to the well-being of the heart .

No shoe for a while ! We all love it, but it's best to keep bread and pasta separate for a while.

Physical activity

And last but not least: physical activity . Reactivating body and mind through physical exercise is the basis of a correct detox path . Whether in a gym , swimming pool or outdoors, the important thing is to move. As we said at the beginning, the activity does not have to be intense and prolonged, especially at the beginning the body needs time and patience to get going. And then, why not, maybe you will discover new passions to cultivate for this 2022.

With perseverance and determination, with a few snags in between, it is possible to face the new year with the awareness of giving the best for your body.