The study of the structure of subjective experience

Quoting the words of the founders R.Bandler and J.Grinder, neuro-linguistic programming focuses on the study and observation of the structure of subjective experience.

A sort of vocabulary that acts as a help, guide, crutch for our internal part.

With NLP we observe and probe above all representational systems and internal strategies, which then lead to certain results over others.

Despite being aware of the non-scientific nature of this "technique", I decided to further study it because I believed it could provide me with interesting elements to integrate into my profession as a Naturopath .

The Naturopath's objective is to try to stimulate the human body's innate ability to self-heal or return to balance , also called " homeostasis ".

There are various techniques that the Naturopath can use, just as there are remedies that can be found and evaluation of different lifestyles to bring into play.

I found it natural to approach neuro-linguistic programming given that it aims to investigate and codify the fundamental procedure used by every single person to codify, transfer, guide and, if desired, modify a certain behavior.

I therefore tried to find the similarities between the two practices which aim to evaluate each single "case" in a total , unique and totally personalized way, with the personal drive to understand the reason for things, the reason for actions and the reason for reactions. .

After more than ten years of naturopathic practice I decided to implement this tool also to try to deal with the increasingly rampant concept of "delegation" in my work experience.

Customers often expect solutions from the outside , miracles or magic pills that work on a dysfunctional process automatically, without elaboration, without progression and improvement.

The classic snap of the fingers that changes the situation without there being understanding and change on the part of the interested party.

In NLP it is assumed that behavior is conveyed by the combination and sequential arrangement of representational systems activated in the mind. Just as in Naturopathic each client is an absolutely unique "terrain" , structures and sequences are also unique in NLP.

I found this aspect very interesting, because in understanding how I get to have a result, whether functional or dysfunctional, I can find many useful tools for personal understanding , and it is a continuous search.

I think it is quite clear that right now we need an in-depth study on why we adopt one behavior rather than another and I think it is necessary to integrate this part into any aspect of improvement, integration and/or supplementation.

I therefore began to integrate some aspects and some techniques to work on the current state of my clients, towards a desired state that involved a conscious change in the internal situation.

Knowing and evaluating NLP tools in the field, I decided to study them further and understand which ones could be useful to me in my profession, which ones resonated more with me and which ones less, in such a way as to be able to structure a working method that could be aligned in all aspects, always starting from the basic assumption: change comes from within .

Baggio Michele

LIfe Coach, NLP expert

Graduated as a Naturopath in 2011 from the Rudy Lanza institute.

In recent years I have integrated naturopathic knowledge with techniques craniosacral treatment And connective tissue massage . I am also an operator of sound massage with Tibetan Bells .

Certified as: Practitioner - Master and Trainer of NLP for INLP Center, I am also LIFE COACH for the same school.


Study: Via Trevisan 11B Vigonza, 35010 (PD)

Telephone: 3891962323