Michele Baggio , naturopath, talks about his profession as a Life Coach.

Training as a Life Coach was a deeply felt and sought-after personal step after having known and studied neuro-linguistic programming . After my journey as an NLP Trainer I encountered Life Coaching and decided to integrate it.

The Life Coach is essentially a potential coach, a stimulator of improvement.

Personally, it was the classic putting the dots together: through this aspect, in my work, I can bring all parts of my training experiences into play.

Having a tool of this magnitude allows me to integrate the pragmatism learned in the world of sport; the active and compassionate listening of Naturopathy ; the ability to focus and search for solutions of NLP .

The Life Coach also works in an eclectic , creative and generative way towards growth , improvement and development that are based on the person's basic quality of life.

Even in this mode I always try to detail the concept of delegation well and to make the client responsible , as well as making myself responsible towards the client, immediately making it clear which areas of my action can be and which cannot be, in such a way as to respect myself , the ethics of my profession and the person in front of me.

The Life Coaching profession is focused on:

  • do ”, a word that I often decline into “manifest” with my clients;
  • Goal planning and support ;
  • Acquisition of: awareness , responsibility , trust , choice and autonomy.

These are some peculiarities of this technique.

For myself I “coined” the term “ coach on the trail ”; because the coaching techniques are merged and reorganized with the naturopathic principles that started me in this profession years ago.

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I think continuous research is a drive that all wellness professionals should explore, the world changes and evolves , just as people do and as do all the other aspects of "care". Techniques, integrations, products always move forward with progress and are constantly updated and have reached very high levels of excellence . I think it is an aspect that can also be applied to the inner research of the human being, based on the achievement of totally personalized objectives, with professionals capable of both welcoming but also stimulating.

I really appreciated the Life Coaching approach and in fact I immediately integrated it into my naturopathic vision.

I can only be happy with my decision to delve into the study of NLP , which led me to integrate this technique, although two things remain very separate.

The Life Coach uses a method based on active learning , on improving personal performance, on achieving one's goals and using one's potential towards self-efficacy and self-awareness.

These aspects are fundamental for the search for inner well-being , or if we want to cite the foundations of naturopathy, they are fundamental aspects for the search for an updated homeostasis and stimulation of one's vital energy.

Evaluating a subject in its entirety it is clear that the work must be done at 360°.

It is quite clear that if you don't change even one iota of the behaviors , habits and thoughts that led me to feel bad, it will be very difficult to have a different result from what I have achieved up to now.

I have noticed that the very practical approach of Life Coaching is very useful and appreciated by my clients, who through a practical tool are able to more easily bring to light the area on which to work and on which to implement the major changes.

Baggio Michele

LIfe Coach, NLP expert

Graduated as a Naturopath in 2011 from the Rudy Lanza institute.

In recent years I have integrated naturopathic knowledge with techniques craniosacral treatment And connective tissue massage . I am also an operator of sound massage with Tibetan Bells .

Certified as: Practitioner - Master and Trainer of NLP for INLP Center, I am also LIFE COACH for the same school.


Study: Via Trevisan 11B Vigonza, 35010 (PD)

Telephone: 3891962323