Hair loss is a normal physiological process. Cyclically each hair falls out to be replaced by a new one, in such a way as to have hair that is always in shape and resistant. On average, hair loss of up to about 120 per day is considered normal.

There may tend to be an increase in hair loss in the change of seasons , during a particularly stressful period or during pregnancy .

With the arrival of autumn it is therefore easy to notice an increasing number of lost hair: hair residues remain entangled in the fingers and in the clips, they dot the pillow when you wake up and just a breath of wind is enough to feel them almost abandon the scalp.

When combed and then washed, the number of hair lost can reach truly worrying quantities.

This is why it is important to take care of them , to prevent them from falling, to keep them strong, nourished and shiny and to always have healthy hair. This is especially true for those with long, colored hair and for those who often carry out coloring, bleaching and styling treatments that stress and weaken the hair.

Hair professionals recommend using only products suitable for your scalp (the location of the hair bulbs is also important) and hair : choose for example a shampoo for colored hair, if what you have is not your natural color , not only will it keep the color made brighter and more vibrant for a long time, but it will also restore the hair shaft that the color will certainly have dehydrated and weakened. At the same time, in the case of dry hair, a product with a moisturizing and nourishing action will be the most suitable.

A further help for your hair also lies in the masks, not to be confused with the common conditioner. A mask contributes to the reconstruction of weakened, dry, brittle hair and in general stressed by treatments, both chemical and physical (use of hairdryer, straightener, etc.). The advice is to apply it on damp hair after having dried it, comb it and leave it on for at least 20 minutes, perhaps wrapping it in kitchen film or a towel, to allow the hair to absorb all the beneficial substances present.

Also not to abuse hair dryers , straighteners and aggressive products is a precaution not to be underestimated; the hair must be combed and styled delicately and without haste, dedicating the necessary time to it in complete tranquility, in order not to subject it to too much tension and physical stress.

In cases where these precautions are not enough, it becomes important to provide help to the hair from the inside: additions based on zinc (or iron , if you are deficient in this element) are the ideal ally to support the hair.

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Neem leaf oil, to be used to make nourishing compresses, is also excellent for hair care: mixed with other oils, such as almond or avocado oil, it can be used as a remedy against dandruff and to prevent hair loss; it will also help to give vigor and shine to brittle hair.
These packs can be done once every 2 weeks, for up to an hour, after washing with a suitable shampoo.

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