PERCORSO DEPURAZIONE: i tre step Ecosalute

PURIFICATION PATH: the three steps

Many ailments arise from the fact that the body is constantly contaminated by a high number of pollutants deriving from air , water , food and drugs . The body has its own systems for eliminating natural waste , but it happens that in cases of overload these processes slow down and we have a duty to give it extra help.

The advantages of purification:

Purification , preferably done twice a year, helps the immune system to face the spring season that we have been waiting for so long. It also increases the body's energy level and mental clarity. Skin and hair also benefit by becoming more beautiful and shiny.

Some simple rules to follow during the purification cycle:

  1. Drink plenty of water (2 liters): this will help the body eliminate waste faster
  2. Don't ingest junk food
  3. No to alcohol and fizzy drinks
  4. Consume fruits and vegetables daily: the intestine will thank you
  5. Avoid caffeine and sugars
  6. Not smoking

Having made these simple premises, we begin to delve into the world of purification . First of all, decide which product to use according to your needs: do you want to carry out a targeted purification or a more general and complete one?

Let's start with the complete one:

To obtain a deep purification it is necessary to start from the intestine , as a complete expulsion of metabolism waste is fundamental. Dietary factors and emotional stress can produce colon congestion which, in the long run, can become fertile ground for the growth of viruses and bacteria .

  1. For the first 15 days of the treatment, the Clark Balanced Mix is ​​taken, then it is necessary to take a 15-day break and continue taking the depurative for another two weeks .
  2. The second step involves the purification of the liver , one of our most precious organs because it has multiple functions, including that of metabolizing all harmful substances. It is a good idea to always keep it clean to facilitate its activity, then take the Liver Depurative for about 3 weeks .
  3. The purification cycle provides for the purification of the kidneys as a final step: the kidneys are vital organs for the expulsion of waste and keep the blood clean and balanced , moreover, the purification helps in the prevention of stones . The Kidney Depurative should be taken for 4 weeks .

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Here is the table that you can use to better follow the purification path