MIX BILANCIATO CLARK: primo step del ciclo di depurazione Ecosalute

CLARK BALANCED MIX: first step of the purification cycle

Every day the body is contaminated with waste and toxins , which over time accumulate and lead to short and long term disturbances.

The purification cycles allow you to help the body in metabolic processes that aim to eliminate these substances.

Intestine purification

The first step for a deep purification involves taking Dr. Clark's Balanced Mix

The Clark Balanced Mix is ​​a medicinal herbal compound that supports digestive functions, promoting the body's purifying function .

Dr. Clark 's ancient formula has been enhanced to combat intestinal ailments and abdominal bloating .

The intestine is considered the second brain of man , in fact there is a profound connection between his well -being and emotional state, in addition to the elimination of toxins, purification will allow you to remove negative thoughts and bad moods.


The three herbs underlying the formula are:

  • Green walnut husk: which exerts a purifying , digestive action and promotes the regularity of intestinal transit .
  • Artemisia: contains bitter components and an essential oil with digestive and antispasmotic properties.
  • Cloves: they exert their action in the intestine, regulating the activity and favoring the elimination of gases.

In addition to these herbs, the formula has been enhanced with:

  • Burdock: it is considered a dermopathic plant, because it is useful for the well-being of the skin , it also develops a purifying action as well as a draining action thanks to the presence of inulin.
  • Olive leaves: the components present in the olive leaves have a vasodilating action, which is why they prove capable of maintaining the regularity of blood pressure and blood circulation .

The combined action of these ingredients can help in case of:

  • Mycosis
  • Eczema
  • Skin problems
  • Herpes
  • Intestinal irregularity
  • Intestinal parasitosis

The Balanced Mix is ​​also available in a package together with the Liver Depurative and the Kidney Depurative for a complete purification.

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Below is the table that you can use to follow a deep purification cycle: