From a nutritional point of view, the apple is a genuine and healthy fruit, suitable for any age . Contains simple sugars (fructose), pectins, mineral salts, malic and citric acid. It is easily digested and has an action refreshing , detoxifying , diuretic And muscle relaxant . It has a stimulating and decongestant effect on the liver and helps regulate the intestinal flora.

In phytocosmetics the juice is considered invigorating and firming, while with the cooked pulp a mask is obtained that softens the skin.

Each fruit is an energy bomb! A lot of energy is predisposed by nature, as a nutritional package that must support the development and initial growth of the seed it contains.

In the weight loss diets the soluble and insoluble fibers contained in the peel increase the sense of satiety and help control appetite. In addition, antioxidants (polyphenols and vitamin C) help keep skin toned during weight loss. Organic acids (tartaric and malic) help accelerate the fat breakdown process, improving blood and lymphatic circulation and, consequently, diuresis.

The alimentary use of the apple does not present particular contraindications; in case of diabetes raw apple can be eaten in moderation. The cooked apple is not, however, indicated due to the transformation of fructose into glucose, operated by heat.

For what concern intestinal transit : the raw apple (if eaten with the whole peel) facilitates and accelerates intestinal transit, while the dehydrated apple acts as a brake on peristalsis and absorption of excess liquid.

Before consumption it is advisable to wash the apple very well, preferably with Marseille soap. This precaution is necessary because, in the storage and distribution circuit, additives and antifungals are used to prevent the product from wrinkling, to block ripening and to inhibit the development of pathogenic molds. After washing, it dries with a cloth and not with kitchen paper, which would release the chemicals it is made of.



Peel the apple and boil the peel for 3-4 minutes in a glass of water. It can be sweetened with honey and drunk before falling asleep.

Thanks to the bromide content of the peel, this herbal tea has a soporific action . It can be useful in case of work stress, nervous system irritability, hysteria and real difficulty in falling asleep.

If the period of stress is persistent, one can also take advantage of the adaptogenic properties of Rhodiola Rosea or the qualities of Magnesium Chloride .