Sore throat is a very common ailment, the frequency of which progressively increases with the arrival of the first colds .

It is an acute inflammation of the pharynx and adjacent oral mucosa. It can depend on both bacteria (which form the common "plaques") and viruses and is often accompanied by redness and other manifestations, such as flu symptoms, in the case of viral infections.

The first manifestations include swelling and a feeling of discomfort , almost tingling , which then gradually increases until it turns into pain at the bottom of the palate, the walls of the throat and pharynx. The intensity of this disorder varies greatly from person to person. Some find it difficult to even swallow , particularly hot drinks and foods, and there may be a decrease in the tone of voice. Sore throat is usually accompanied by redness, inflammation and, in cases where the sore throat is linked to flu and viral states, it can occur together with colds, headaches, sinusitis, otitis and fever .

How to relieve a sore throat?

It may be positive not to consume excessively hot foods and drinks, which tend to increase the inflammation already present, but to prefer the ingestion of lukewarm or even better cold substances, which have a decongestant action on the oral mucosa.

Here the classic grandmother's remedies come in handy, such as taking a teaspoon of honey when the throat is very annoying or is very difficult to swallow due to swelling; in these cases it is better to opt for lime honey, which is also effective against cough, especially if it is oily, thanks to its emollient and mucolytic action. You can take a teaspoon as needed (without exaggerating), or dissolve a teaspoon in a cup of milk or herbal tea.

Taking a honey-based compound, combined with ingredients such as cinnamon and turmeric, with known anti-inflammatory properties, can be useful for relieving and soothing the mucous membrane.

Propolis can also be a valuable aid against irritative and inflammatory states of the throat, as it exerts an antibacterial action capable of protecting the oropharyngeal mucosa from the attack of pathogenic microorganisms responsible for tonsillitis and bacterial plaques; it also has a soothing and emollient effect.

Plants such as echinacea , with a powerful immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory action, are very useful not only for fighting sore throats, but also for affections of the upper respiratory tract often associated with it, as in the case of flu and seasonal ailments.

Propolis and Echinacea are present in synergy in the Echinostilla Propoli Maef , a real panacea for the well-being of the throat; their combined action is enhanced in this case by the presence of essential oils of mountain pine, mint and eucalyptus, with well-known balsamic properties. Available in a practical spray dispenser, you can take it with you everywhere and use it when needed.

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Natural supplements based on vitamin C , camu camu and pink grapefruit seeds, are also able to strengthen the defenses of the throat and, moreover, also of the immune system in general. The camu camu is a fruit of Peruvian origin capable of supporting the immune defenses and the functionality of the upper respiratory tract, while the pink grapefruit seed extract is an adjuvant against viral and bacterial infections.

Vitamin C is also available in chewable tablets, which allows you to take it with ease at any time of the day, even by sucking it as if it were a candy; the pleasant orange flavor makes it easy to take even by the elderly and children.

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