The long-awaited summer holidays are almost upon us and we need to think about how to organize ourselves and above all what to pack and what to leave at home.

There are those who prepare everything for the last days, while others, more foresighted, organize it well in advance, carefully choosing the garments and accessories to wear.

Whether it's a holiday with your partner, family or friends, the first rule is always the same: make a list of important things to bring!

It can be of great help to make a list by marking the items to be entered so as to avoid forgetfulness.


What does it consist of bringing only the essential?

Let's see together in detail:

  • Documents and credit cards
  • Clothing and accessories: list all the necessary clothing (costumes and cover-ups if you go to the beach), shoes, hats, bijoux, etc.
  • Beauty case: all personal care products such as razor, sunscreen, shampoo and shower gel, necessary manicure, make up etc .;
  • Wellness and health: the list of drugs and supplements that you usually take as well as plasters, thermometer, gauze, tweezers, disinfectant gel, in short, an emergency kit because you know, anything can happen on vacation!
  • Entertainment: any magazines, books, games, markers, notebooks, etc.
  • Technology: all the tools that will have to accompany us even on vacation such as smartphones, notebooks and a camera to capture all the moments of the holiday!
  • Miscellaneous: travel bottle, emergency snack (bread, breadsticks, etc), frost bags for food or linen, handkerchiefs, umbrella, wet wipes, sunglasses, etc.

We avoid carrying too many unnecessary things that take up space and increase the weight of the suitcase. We also carefully select shoes that are quite bulky (a pair of closed sneakers are always comfortable regardless of the destination: if it rains even at the sea we will be sheltered with a k-way and closed shoe).

Maybe let's wear them on the go and pack a pair or two of sandals and flip-flops that take up less space. The most stylish will find space for a nice pair of heels. Remember to place them on the bottom of the suitcase and along the sides.

Difficulty choosing clothes?

Put your clothes on display in the bed, this way you will have an immediate picture of the situation. To avoid carrying too many clothes, choose the combinations in advance, you will avoid weighing down your luggage too much.

By choosing garments that can be combined with each other (white is usually used with everything) you can play with sweaters and trousers to be combined in a different way. Or focus on a long dress for the evening, easily combining a shrug or a shawl, suitable for any destination: lake, sea or mountains.

If you go to the mountains, your suitcase will be more voluminous: sweatshirts, pants, overalls for the day and in the evening, layered clothing to overcome the cool mountain climate will do just fine.

An idea for the evening?

A nice vichy or striped shirt for her, a polo shirt for him, jeans and a perforated ankle boot or a white sneaker will be perfect. For the little ones, prefer comfortable and brightly colored clothing!

For any holiday, scarves cannot be missing! Comfortable, colorful, light, they are very useful for sheltering from the sea wind or the cool of the mountains, and if necessary they can become a belt or a hair band.

For those who go to the mountains, a comfortable and practical backpack, a pair of trekking or gym shoes and a raincoat are essential.

And the children?

It will be very convenient to organize themselves with a separate suitcase or small trolley and involve them (it always depends on the age of the children) in the organization.

Make a backpack with the games aside, then put a bag with the linen in the suitcase and then the shoes and clothing for each day of the holiday.

For obvious reasons, include more changes and maybe an extra pajama. With children, an extra change is always convenient.

Little trick: during the trip prepare a more or less large bag to keep at hand with travel essentials such as water, snacks, wipes, some snacks and something to read.

And now, are you ready for your vacation?