What would life be without colors?

In a historical moment like this, which seems to have no end yet, the prevailing feelings are confusion, melancholy, anger at having lost something and first and foremost the freedom of space and time.

One feels lost and seeks refuge in something imprecise and indefinite to fill this void.

Colors, right now, are friends: they illuminate, transmit emotions, define feelings, moods, thoughts.

They can paint your life with positivity.

The colors speak of us .

They affect one's way of dressing, home, work and relationships with others.

Emotions are colorful.

In common language, in fact, we express ourselves by connecting emotions to a certain color:

  • Blue is calm, satisfaction, inner peace, stillness, harmony.
  • Green expresses stability, strength, tenacity, constancy, perseverance, psychological balance, self-esteem, a solid reference to strong values.
  • Red is the color of strength, anger, passion.

Color reinforces the emotion that does not have a real face but is precisely expressed better with a color, which in its irrationality goes beyond all boundaries and gives a better idea of ​​any other symbol. Emotions, thoughts, moods, words are tinged with color, a universal language that we all understand, young and old.

How to grasp the magic of color and absorb the positive effects it releases?

A fun and useful recreational activity that can be carried out at home, also involving children, is to build the jars of calm.

Inspired by the Montessori method, the jar of calm is a tool capable of calming souls, recovering lost calm and producing positive sensations. Designed for children, it can be safely used with satisfactory results even by adults.

Just shake it to create the magic right away! The jar of calm, with its beautiful colors and its silent movement, draws attention to itself by breaking the tension of the moment.

Activate a feeling of immediate calm and relaxation.

Are you ready to create one?


  1. A glass jar with a lid (a canning jar is fine)
  2. 2 tablespoons of glitter glue,
  3. 4 tablespoons of glitter,
  4. 2 drops of food coloring
  5. hot water
  6. 1-2 tablespoons of clear shampoo.


Fill the jar by quarters with hot water.

Add the glitter glue and mix well. Also add the glitter, continuing to mix until you reach a homogeneous mixture.

Add the two drops of food coloring while continuing to mix. As for the color of the dye, blue is generally recommended because it is the color of silence, peace and calm but you can opt for any other color, at will, based on the emotions you want to awaken.

Shampoo is optional and is recommended to make the glitter go down more slowly.

Close the lid very tightly.

Have fun and relax everyone!