The time spent at home has increased dramatically and, especially for those with children, it becomes difficult to manage the hours of work and leisure in a balanced way.

A good way to relax the mind is reading : one of the classic ways to relax on the sofa on Sunday afternoon or shortly after dinner, in the company of a good glass of wine and perhaps with the pleasant aroma of a scented candle that spreads around the room.

Staying comfortably at home, you can travel with your imagination and let yourself be transported to times , places and situations that are completely different from reality. Taking your brain off for a few hours will help you feel regenerated and the choice of lyrics is really huge.

It can range from historical to science fiction books, from treatises on psychology and philosophy to poetic collections , from classic romance novels to genres so popular today such as fantasy and urban fantasy .

If there is a shortage of space in the house where you can store your bound favorites and the shelves of the library in the living room are overflowing with books, you shouldn't be discouraged from getting new writings to read: for fans of this hobby it is practically impossible.

To this end, technology comes to the aid; in fact today almost all the texts are available, as well as in paper format , also in digital format : Epub, PDF and Ebook, you just have to choose the type of file that best suits the application on the smartphone or the reader available, select the reading mode that helps protect the eyes and prepare for a couple of hours of relaxation.

One of the main advantages of reading is that it embraces everyone, young and old, graduates or not, without any distinction. Anyone can read if you want.

To improve, to grow, to understand, to express yourself better. Reading enriches in all senses and increases one's cultural background.

Some advice?

To smile and enjoy a few hours with a pleasant reading, here are some suggestions:

" The magical power of tidying up" by Marie Kondo: a fascinating and very entertaining book that illustrates how the power of tidying up generates immediate positivity.

Would you ever have said that?

Not all men come to harm ” by Federica Bosco, another fun book to read with absolute lightness, as well as the entire series by Sophie Kinsella " I Love Shopping ".

For lovers of the historical genre there are the books by Philippa Gregory on the Tudor dynasty, from which cinematic masterpieces such as "The other woman of the king" and TV series such as The White Queen have been taken, while for those who particularly appreciate the fantasy genre -medieval in addition to the timeless classics (From the Lord of the Rings to Eragon , to finish with the Throne of Swords ) there are also small gems not many known but which are real hidden treasures, such as " The Book of Destiny " by Elisa Rosso.

Finally, for the little ones there are endless illustrated books . Among these we recommend one particularly suitable to stimulate the curiosity of school-age children, entitled " Alberto the dragon ".

" The great book of colors " is one of them, a fantastic journey into the world of colors, with the wheel, images of symbols, objects and animals of the corresponding color.

Little blue and little yellow ” by Leo Lionni, a great teacher for childhood illustration who also provides valuable teachings for the world of adults.

It deals with the theme of friendship with extreme delicacy, identifying all the possible nuances: identity, diversity, naivety, sharing, freedom and multiculturalism.

Even for the lazy ones who don't want to venture into complex reading there are books on DIY , cooking , gardening , art and comedy, very enjoyable and of great help.

Do not be discouraged by the lack of time or desire: reading, even if limited to the weekend, is a source of unsurpassed wealth.

Happy reading everyone!

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