Christmas is approaching, the most magical time of the year loved by young and old.

The Advent Calendar is one of the traditions that precede it and can turn out to be an activity that involves the whole family, bringing a little joy in anticipation of Christmas.

On the last weekend of November, instead of buying a new Advent Calendar, you can create your own with your own hands, thanks to DIY and creative recycling .

It will be original and unique because it is made by you!

If the calendar seems too banal or too traditional, you can use some common objects in the house and give them a Christmas look!

Here are some ideas, obviously customizable according to your taste.

Calendar with colored cards

Take 24 colored cards (of the same color, of your matching shades or each of a different color) and using common glue (or staples or hot glue, if you prefer a more robust creation) join them along the side shorter as if it were a notebook.

Each sheet will hide the drawing of an animal or a Christmas-themed object and a little riddle !

For an even more personalized version, you can paste photos of relatives and friends to further enrich the calendar.

Calendar with colored socks (for the little ones)

Take some colored socks and on each one apply numbers with the dates starting from today until December 24th, the night of Christmas. Then attach a wooden clip to each sock; hang them on a wire or a string that will be placed on the wall, on a ladder or other support.

It is possible to fill the socks with small surprises that are sure to be appreciated by children, for example candies, chocolates and cards with funny themed phrases.

Calendar with envelopes of notepaper

Another idea to make a no-cost Advent Calendar is to use letter envelopes, recalling the tradition of letters written to Santa Claus.

It is sufficient to hang some threads on the wall or on the chosen support, and hang 24 envelopes . Colored, white, painted, personally decorated with colors and glitter ... there is really spoiled for choice.

In each envelope, just insert a surprise of your choice: tea bags , tickets to organize a kind of treasure hunt or sweets .

Get to work as a family and start creating your own personalized Advent Calendar !