C Vitality Plus is a food supplement containing a high amount of Vitamin C and characterized by a completely natural formulation.

It is therefore the perfect solution for those looking for a product totally free of flavorings , preservatives, dyes and sweeteners; the Vitamin C present in fact derives from L-Ascorbic Acid and extracts of Rosa Canina and Camu Camu.


Roles of Vitamin C within the body:

  • It acts as an antioxidant , counteracting the formation of free radicals and cellular aging.
  • Supports the immune system .
  • It contributes to the well -being of skin and mucous membranes , as it participates in the production of collagen.
  • Keeps bones, teeth and cartilage healthy .
  • Promotes the absorption of iron .
  • If necessary, it participates in the processes of energy metabolism, acting as a tonic .

What can you find in C-Vitality Plus

L-Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic acid is the " pure " form of vitamin C: it is a substance normally present in nature, with a high antioxidant power.

Vitamin C is a molecule that plays a role of primary importance for the human body, since it is essential for the performance of numerous functions.

Since it is a water-soluble vitamin, it cannot accumulate in the body and therefore must be taken daily through food or, if the latter is deficient as often happens, supplementation.


Rosa canina is a wild rose used in cooking and in medicine for millennia. It blooms at the beginning of the summer season, but the most interesting part from a nutritional and phytotherapeutic point of view are the berries (or false fruits) that appear in autumn.

In fact, they contain a high concentration of vitamin C , more than 50 times higher than that of citrus fruits, as well as molecules with a beneficial effect such as polyphenols, flavonoids, carotenoids and riboflavin .

Folk medicine has always attributed various properties to rosehip berries. Due to their vitamin C content they are used as a remedy to prevent and relieve colds and respiratory tract diseases , for inflammation , to strengthen the body in case of debilitation and to strengthen the immune system.

Camu Camu

It is a typical shrub of the Amazon forest , which grows mainly in Brazil and Peru: it is precisely the native peoples of these areas who usually consume it; its fruits , similar to cherries, have a citrusy and sour taste and are absolutely edible.

The high presence of vitamin C makes these fruits the richest natural source of Vitamin C in the world and a trusted friend for the winter, to be taken as a preventive measure and very useful in case of flu, sore throat, cold or seasonal ailments . but also to give a boost of energy to those who feel weak and exhausted .

These berries for hundreds of years have been consumed by the Indians of the Amazon not only as a highly nutritious food, but, thanks to the beneficial properties at its disposal, it was used as a traditional remedy for the treatment of various problems.


Why take Vitamin C?

  • If you want to strengthen your natural defenses for preventive purposes
  • If you want to counteract or relieve seasonal ailments such as flus, sore throats and colds
  • If you feel excessively tired, exhausted and debilitated
  • If there is an iron deficiency
  • If you engage in intense sporting activity

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