Children , in the vast majority, do not like to eat fish .

Grimaces, tears and tantrums usually appear at the sight of the fish on the table.

How can this be remedied ?

First of all, the first thing on the part of the parent is to be aware of the importance of fish at the table and to lead by example. If adults are the first not to consume fish, children certainly cannot be expected to do so.

Why is fish so important ?

Very rich in vitamin D , mineral salts and Omega-3 , fish is a really healthy and very versatile food; with it you can in fact prepare many dishes, from first to second courses to side dishes with various types of fish.

Lean fish such as sole, cod and hake are the most delicate and suitable for children. Salmon, for example, due to its strong flavor, is usually appreciated by older children and adults.

We often hear that children who eat fish at least twice a week are smarter than others; it is an urban legend, a ploy to underline how precious it is to have fish as a source of protein compared to meat or eggs, but perhaps it also contains a grain of truth; this food is in fact particularly rich in phosphorus , known for its positive action on intellectual functions.

Usually, faced with the first refusals , many parents give up and prefer to postpone. Nothing more wrong. From the months of weaning the fish must be introduced, initially in small doses. If the child refuses it, the attempt must be repeated after a few days, perhaps offering it to him in a more attractive version .

An important tip is to introduce the fish in a peaceful and familiar environment: the child will feel calmer and seeing his friend or grandmother eating the fish, perhaps he will be more inclined to taste .

Fried foods should be avoided (Too easy! And also unhealthy.) And a healthier cuisine is preferred.

How to offer fish to your children?

  • Fish skewers: similar to the meat mail and aesthetically inviting, they become a game for the child who can gnaw the pulp and then maybe have fun with the colored toothpick!
  • Serve in a nice way: garnish the dish by building smileys (the eyes with two cherry tomatoes, the nose with a carrot and all the rest, using the fish, perhaps taking advantage of the lengths of the pulp).
  • Prepare meatballs: with cooked and minced fish and boiled potatoes. You can add ingredients as you like, such as onion, tuna, milk to soften, breadcrumbs. Soft-textured foods are very popular with children.
  • Japanese -style rice and sushi : even children feel the Asian influences in our cuisine, and the combination of rice and fish is one of the great protagonists. Seasoned with eggs, shrimps, peas or salmon, it is really fun and original for children, who can also experiment with the use of chopsticks, having fun and being more inclined to eat the much hated food.
The different atmosphere helps, seeing is believing!