Inflammation (or phlogosis) is a defense mechanism with which the human body tries to eliminate the causes of any cell damage and to start the tissue repair process. This is a predominantly local reaction, which usually tends to resolve within a few days. The damage can be caused by:

  • Trauma
  • Heat
  • Chemical substances
  • Bacteria, viruses and parasites

Inflammation, especially at the local level , tends to manifest itself with:

  • warmth and redness in the inflamed area (due to vasodilation)
  • swelling , caused by the formation and accumulation of fluid outside the blood vessels
  • pain and soreness , caused by the compression and stimulation of the sensory endings by the inflammatory agent

In the case of severe inflammation at a general level , fever, general malaise, loss of appetite and an increase in white blood cells can also occur; all problems that are difficult to recognize immediately, due to the fact that they can also be present in the presence of other disorders.


Fighting inflammation naturally: you can!

When the inflammation continues for too long and / or its manifestations become excessive, it is good to take action.

Diet plays a vital role in fighting inflammation. In fact, there are foods that have strong anti-inflammatory properties, which it would be useful to include in one's diet, and foods that should instead be avoided.

A diet in which saturated fats, packaged foods, refined flours and sugars, sausages, alcohol and red meats prevail leads to an alteration of the microbiota of the gastrointestinal tract and a worsening of the inflammatory state; in fact, these foods stimulate the excessive production of cytokines, molecules that promote inflammation.

A diet rich in antioxidant nutrients (Omega-3, zinc, selenium, vitamins C, D, and E) contained mainly in fruit, fresh vegetables, whole grains, fish and spices plays a fundamental role in reducing the general inflammatory state.

However, following a varied, healthy and balanced diet is often not enough; if the inflammation is just beginning, it is possible to stop it and prevent greater damage by resorting to natural remedies , usually without side effects such as classic anti-inflammatory drugs.

The Ribes nigrum bud extract , for example, is one of the natural compounds with an anti- inflammatory action par excellence: thanks to the properties of the active ingredients present in the buds of this plant, it is ideal for combating disorders related to inflammatory processes, both local (such as redness, swelling and pain ) and generalized. It is also a valuable aid to combat allergic manifestations accompanied by inflammation, affecting the respiratory system ( nasal congestion, rhinitis, pharyngitis, asthma ), skin (problems such as allergic dermatitis or eczema ) or ocular ( conjunctivitis )

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Perilla oil, extracted from the seeds of the Perilla frutescens britton plant, is also a very useful remedy to counteract inflammatory problems, especially those related to allergic phenomena. It is no coincidence that it is often associated with Ribes nigrum . In the food supplement Perilla Olio, the extract is contained in comfortable soft-gel pearls, which make it practical to take. Perilla oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which in addition to stimulating the production of anti- inflammatory molecules keep the cardiovascular system and skin in good health. It also provides support for the immune system.

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The natural ingredients with anti- inflammatory properties also include pineapple. In fact, this tropical fruit contains a substance called Bromelain , which is mainly known for its draining and diuretic activities, but in reality it is also able to perform an effective action in countering inflammatory phenomena and in strengthening the defenses.

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