What makes this season so special?

The arrival of various types of fruit with a lively and colorful appearance such as strawberries, cherries, medlars and plums! 

May is the month when roses bloom and spring is in full splendor. Nature is filled with scents and colors and our tables are enriched with energy and good humor. 

Buy seasonal products it is good for the environment and also for health because it allows us to eliminate all the waste accumulated during the winter period and to stock up on vitamins and minerals that fruit is rich in. 

Let's see in detail what benefits they bring . 


Strawberries are diuretic, refreshing, purifying and rich in vitamins such as vitamin A , vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin C. They are also low in calories and high in fiber. They also have a high satiating power. 

Cherries are the small and very tasty fruit of the cherry tree. They contain numerous life minerals and also folic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium , phosphorus and flavonoids, important substances for the fight against free radicals. There are numerous varieties that are distinguished by flavor, color and size. The most common are the Durone di Vignola with a particularly sweet taste, the Mora di Vignola with a very dark color but with a very sweet taste and the railway cherry with a dark color and firm pulp. 

Loquats are sweet and juicy fruits, originating in southeastern China . They enjoy numerous properties: anti- inflammatory , diuretic , they help regulate intestinal and liver function , they are a mild antipyretic (they help lower fever) and are good for the heart thanks to their high potassium content. 

Plums also known as plums are often linked, in the imagination, to have only laxative properties. They are actually very diversified fruits : they stimulate the nervous system and help the liver to eliminate toxins. Thanks to the high content of minerals such as potassium, they help replenish salts during the summer. They are ideal as a snack in hot weather! 

Some ideas to bring fresh dishes full of seasonal fruit to the table. 


You never give up on a good fruit salad. Here are some associations for a fruit salad on point! 

Take the strawberries, cut them into small pieces and let them macerate in a little lemon juice . Take the cherries, blueberries , banana and kiwis, cut them into small squares and add them to the strawberries. Serve in a small cup and enjoy it at the end of a meal. 

For a fruit salad with a more diuretic action, take the pineapple and cut it into small pieces, add the apple and finally the strawberries. Serve with lemon juice . Excellent to serve as a dessert after a meal!