Spring heralds the arrival of the sun and the coming of summer and the long- awaited search of the perfect tan that each of us wants to show off on hot summer days . 

Just because the spring sun does not warm like the summer sun is not to be underestimated. Thanks to the breezy climate, the absence of humidity and milder temperatures, there is no real perception of the intensity of the sun's rays. It is in this period that the foundations are laid for a good and healthy summer tan.

To achieve it it is good to put some rules into practice . 


  1. Expose yourself in moderation, avoid the hot hours of the day and long exposures: the morning and afternoon sun is beneficial for the body 
  2. Expose yourself gradually, increasing the duration of exposure day by day 
  3. Use adequate sunscreen 
  4. Prepare the skin before exposure, with the use of exfoliants and supplements based on beta-carotene. 

          How to best prepare the skin for sun exposure? 

          It is necessary to hydrate it both from the inside, taking a correct amount of water daily and from the outside by applying a moisturizing oil such as nigella oil. which nourishes the deeper layers of the skin and is very useful as an after-sun soothing agent to successfully treat sunburn and redness . Plus, it can be applied multiple times throughout the day as needed. Great to apply on wet skin after a shower, so it will be absorbed more easily. 

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          Always working from the inside, it can be useful to take specially formulated supplements. 

          Plurimo sun based on beta- carotene , copper, selenium, Vitamin E, B2 helps you to face the sun in complete safety. Beta-carotene helps tanning by stimulating the production of melanin and prevents the formation of skin spots thanks to its antioxidant action. Copper oxygenates the skin and makes it radiant while vitamin E, B2 and Selenium counteract cellular aging. 

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          Zinc is an essential mineral for the well-being of the skin. It helps the assimilation of vitamins and stimulates the production of collagen.

          Zinc oxide is often used as a physical filter in topical sunscreen. 

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