Piacenza, 29 May 2019

To all our customers

With this press release Ecosalute srl wants to respond to all requests for clarification that have been received in these days. Following the report by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità on 10 May last, of cases of acute, non-infectious and non-contagious cholestatic hepatitis potentially related to the consumption of turmeric-based supplements.

On the website of the Ministry of Health it is possible to consult the updated list of products and batches for which consumers are invited as a precaution to temporarily suspend the consumption of these products, given that checks are still underway to identify the cause responsible for the cases of hepatitis.

Following these Ecosalute reports, it should be noted that:

  • On its products, Ecosalute usually carries out the analyzes required by the legislation on raw materials and finished products.
  • Following these communications from the Ministry, controls on raw materials have increased, in order to guarantee the safety and compliance of our products.
  • Given the reports, the checks carried out on the latest batches of products containing turmeric extract and full compliance with the law has been confirmed.

Regarding the intake of its turmeric-based products , Ecosalute declares that:

  • None of our products, containing turmeric, appear on the list quoted by the Ministry of Health.
  • No communication or indication was received from the control bodies.
  • No adverse reactions have been reported by our customers after taking turmeric-containing products.
  • Our production subcontractors are not involved in controls by the competent authorities.

Ecosalute continues in its commitment to guarantee its customers a quality and safe product.