IMMUNOSCUDO: rinforza il tuo sistema immunitario Ecosalute

IMMUNOSUDO: Strengthens your immune system

Autumn doesn't have to be just colds and sneezing ! Autumn must be roasted chestnuts , woods painted in the most beautiful colors , clear days spent with those you love.

There is still time to strengthen your immune system and continue enjoying this wonderful season!


The package ImmunoShield has been specially designed for:
  • Strengthen the immune system thanks to the active ingredients contained in C Vitality Plus
  • To donate equilibrium at the intestinal flora with the probiotics, prebiotics and vitamins present in the Flora Vita Plus .


This new formula has been perfected to ensure that the right amount of vitamin C equal to 1 gram is taken.

The C Vitality Plus allows you to fill up on vitamin C with sunshine two capsules, proving to be a comfortable and practical solution.

Also it is completely free from flavorings, preservatives, dyes and sweeteners. 

Enriched with Rosa Canina which acts as a tonic and tonic. Camu Camu which determines the fluidity of bronchial secretions and the functionality of the respiratory tract.

Useful in case of:

  • Strengthening of immune defenses
  • Intense sporting activity
  • Debilitating periods
  • Stress and fatigue

For this week C Vitality Plus is discounted by 20%


Immune defenses are generated and developed from the intestine , which is why it is essential to have a balanced bacterial flora.

Seasonal changes, disordered eating, and stress can strain the balance between good and bad bacteria.

Flora Vita Plus allows you to take over 10 billion live lactic ferments with a single capsule.

Contains Probiotics which are "good" bacteria naturally present in our intestine and resistant to digestive action. Inside the  Flora Vita Plus are present: Saccaromyces boulardii, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium animalis species lactis.

Prebiotics favor the proliferation of probiotics and prevent that of pathogens. We find them in chicory, asparagus, oats, onions and leeks and positively modify the microflora.

For this week the Flora Vita Plus is discounted by 20%

Flora Vita Plus is useful in case of:

  • intestinal disorders
  • constipation
  • dysentery