Dark circles are a blemish due to various causes. Many times at the origin of this " defect " there is also a genetic predisposition that makes dark circles particularly visible. They are characterized by their purplish color and sometimes by the simultaneous presence of swelling.

The causes that lead to the onset of dark circles are various. Poor rest and insomnia make the skin paler and the underlying capillaries more noticeable. Dehydration and fluid retention cause dilation of the vessels in the eye area. Further causes can be anemia and poor iron assimilation which accentuate the paleness of the face. Allergies, food intolerances , stress and anxiety are also factors that greatly influence.

Traditional Chinese medicine interprets the “bags” under the eyes as a weakening of the kidney organ and its difficulty in functioning, while the dark circles connect them to the liver organ and to a toxin accumulation.


  • Acting on the acidity of the organism , rebalancing the pH and the buffer systems of our body. Alkalisers make the most common symptoms of acidosis, such as inflammation, digestive distress, and cardiovascular disorders, less visible. A supplementation of mineral salts and trace elements allows to counteract the loss of important nutrients due to excessive sweating, loss of fluids and excessive physical activity.
  • Give priority to the well-being of the nervous system . An imbalance at this level causes sleep disturbances, insomnia, anxiety and stress. You can take various sedative and calming plants such as lime , lemon balm and escolzia.
  • Purify the whole organism, favoring the main excretory organs (liver, kidneys). We have already mentioned how in traditional Chinese medicine the kidneys and liver are closely related to this disorder. At the level of these organs, an accumulation of toxins and catabolites can occur which invalidate their functionality. A purification of these organs allows the elimination of toxins and an organism more prepared and ready to respond to external stimuli.
  • Act on cellular oxidation . Lemon essential oil is a powerful antioxidant , eliminates and prevents the formation of free radicals. Although its juice has an acid pH, due to the presence of citric acid, once metabolized it will carry out an alkalizing action in our body, helping to keep it in good health, in particular by preventing kidney stones and accumulations of uric acid.


Drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water during the day. In winter you can also sip hot infusions or herbal teas. Exercise outdoors to get your fill of vitamin D. Consume fresh food, lots of fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins, pumpkin and sunflower seeds rich in trace elements. Try not to go to sleep too late and practice relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation.

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