The aim of Ecosalute has always been to be able to stimulate and promote a healthy lifestyle and your personal well -being, taking the environment into consideration.

The philosophy behind the products is centered on the balance between the human being and the surrounding environment , focusing with a strong ecological footprint on the relationship between man and nature. For this reason, the natural ingredients you so much appreciate are obtained with special attention to ripening times, seasons and harvesting methods, preferring processes that do not cause damage to animals and plants and their natural habitats.

Always attentive to what happens in the world, as we are convinced that this also reflects on the quality of your lives and your health, we are constantly looking for innovative techniques that allow you to enjoy maximum benefits while reducing the environmental impact.

And what better way to do this than to draw inspiration from nature itself?

Nature renews itself cyclically: it changes to improve itself, to adapt to novelties and integrate them into itself, while maintaining a perfect balance between its components.

Ecosalute has also decided to renew itself : even if we use only eco-sustainable packaging (at the moment all the packages are in recyclable material and with vegetable inks) we are not satisfied and we are of the idea that it is always possible to do more.

This is why we are moving towards a gradual transition to glass containers, in order to further reduce plastic and its derivatives while also safeguarding the seas and oceans; soon even the same offices will move towards a totally green approach (both in terms of furnishings and in terms of raw materials) for the well-being of the planet.

This revolution has already begun, with a symbolic change: the color that represents us.

The choice was oriented towards a reassuring and harmonious green , which transmits tranquility, purity and balance : everything that nature wants to communicate.

A color that wants to symbolize renewal. A color that wants to make us reflect on how precious what surrounds us is and on the need to preserve it. A color that wants to bring hope, to you and to the planet.