GONFIORE ADDOMINALE: 2 ingredienti da non perdere! Ecosalute

ABDOMINAL SWELLING: 2 ingredients not to be missed!

At least once in your life you will have suffered from abdominal swelling caused by abdominal distension due to the ingestion of foods that tend to ferment.

Fodmap diet

The term Fodmap is an acronym that groups together all the sugars that can cause bloating.

  • F stands for Fermentable, i.e. carbohydrates that produce gas;
  • Or for Oligosaccharides, such as galacto-olisaccharides, sugars contained in legumes;
  • D for Disaccharides, such as lactose;
  • Monosaccharides such as fructose for M
  • Polyols for P, such as sorbitol and mannitol.

To reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, we tend to eliminate foods that contain these sugars and favor others.

Legumes: friends or enemies?

Legumes are the first foods to be accused of causing abdominal swelling, in reality our intestines have become accustomed to very refined foods and have become unaccustomed to fibre. This means that when we consume fiber, fermentation and slowed digestion results. For this reason it is advisable to include them in the diet gradually and favoring dried legumes over those in cans.


Fennel is an medicinal tincture with digestive and carminative properties.

Let's see together the benefits of fennel:

  • Digestive action : the active ingredients stimulate digestion, acting on the production of gastric juices. They also promote the regular transit of substances and better assimilation of nutrients.
  • Carminative action : improves digestive and intestinal gas formation, proving valuable in cases of bloating and meteorism.
  • Draining and diuretic action : facilitates the drainage and elimination of body fluids. Valuable in case of water retention and for the elimination of uric acid.
  • Expectorant action : promote the fluidity of bronchial secretions, proving to be indicated in cases of respiratory tract disorders.

In summary, fennel is useful in case of:

  • Digestive difficulties
  • Meteorism
  • Intestinal bloating

How to take it?

It is recommended to take 15 drops 2 times a day in water for 15-20 days.

Enhanced Walnut Hull

Mallo is particularly suitable for those who want to improve digestion and the functionality of the intestine . The history of this plant is ancient and also known at a popular level, so much so that the husk of the walnuts is used to obtain liqueurs considered medicinal.

The Mallo helps to purify the body by helping to promote digestion and the functionality of intestinal transit.

Useful in case of:

  • Digestive disorders
  • Stomach weakness
  • Intestinal fermentations
  • Parasitosis