Leg swelling is very common and can affect both women and men, especially in the summer when the sense of heaviness , soreness and tingling are the order of the day.

In fact, the heat draws blood into the capillaries of the skin causing dilation of the blood vessels and slowing down blood circulation .

How can I relieve my legs and ankles?

The treatment we recommend is both internal and external, to act at 360 ° and in depth.

1. Healthy Legs

Gambe Sane is a medicinal tincture composed of a mixture of four plant extracts specifically designed to effectively support the functionality of the microcirculation , give relief and avoid the unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the legs.


  • Horse chestnut : supports the functionality of the microcirculation thanks to its specific phlebotonic properties of venous diseases , as it increases the tone of the venous wall.
  • Butcher 's broom: has vasoprotective , anti- inflammatory and phlebotonic properties and supporting venous circulation.
  • Bilberry : supports the functionality of the microcirculation by effectively counteracting the sense of heaviness in the legs and helps maintain the balance of vascular pressure.
  • Vine leaves : regulates the functionality of the cardiovascular system and supports the functionality of the microcirculation , counteracting the sense of heaviness.

Try the Libellula box , inside there is:

Together they help relieve the sensation of swelling and heaviness in the legs, activating the microcirculation.

Right cream

According to the needs of each one, you can opt for:

What distinguishes them is the effect on the skin.

The anti- fatigue cream has a cold effect thanks to the presence of Menthol inside which gives an immediate sensation of freshness able to relieve swelling and heaviness in the legs. The anti- fatigue cream in addition to menthol, contains centella and rusco which together with almond oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

The Cellulite Blemish Cream , with the exotic scent of Mango and Papaya, on the other hand, is designed and formulated with the aim of reducing cellulite and water retention thanks to the warm effect due to the presence of Chilli.

Inside there is caffeine, centella and avocado oil which together nourish the skin by promoting microcirculation and drainage of liquids.

For an intensive treatment on cellulite, try the Orange Peel Pack , inside you will find:

Try it now

The active ingredients in a synergistic way reduce cellulite and promote the drainage of liquids, preventing the formation of new skin imperfections.