Circulation disorders are very common and during the summer season they can cause many problems, the heat in fact has a vasodilating effect which contributes to the worsening of the microcirculation .

Varicose veins

The veins are responsible for carrying blood from the tissues to the heart, thus working against the force of gravity. When the veins lose elasticity or the valves that allow the flow of blood do not work well, blood stagnation is created.

The cause of their appearance is not yet known, certainly you must avoid standing for a long time or with your legs crossed, in general, the most risk factors are:

  • familiarity
  • female sex
  • Sedentary life
  • obesity
  • pregnancy


the main symptoms can be:

  • soreness
  • night cramps
  • swelling
  • itch

How to prevent the appearance

To prevent their appearance, it is necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle by playing sports at least an hour a day , to lose extra pounds in conditions of overweight or obesity, and to avoid sitting or standing for many hours.

Heels should also be set aside as well as all vasodilating drinks such as coffee and alcohol.

Improve circulation with gotu kola!

Gotu kola

Gotu kola has been known since ancient times for its therapeutic properties. It is called Tiger Grass because injured animals are used to rolling around in its leaves to leinre wounds.


Centella is a perennial herbaceous plant that can reach 15 cm in height. The leaves are called reniform due to their particular shape and grows in humid and swampy places.

It can be found in India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, but is also found in Mexico, China and Colombia.

Inside the leaves of this plant there are terpenes , as well as a small percentage of essential oils and aromatic compounds .

What are its benefits?

  • Improve the tone of blood vessels

centella improves symptoms associated with chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs. It also improves tissue repair processes as well as promoting collagen synthesis.

On the one hand, therefore, it increases the resistance of the blood capillaries by improving the microcirculation and increasing the oxygenation of the tissues , on the other hand it carries out an anti-inflammatory action .

  • Fights cellulite

Centella promotes circulation , contrasts and prevents cellulite , which is a degenerative disorder of the adipose tissue.

  • Benefits to the nervous system

Some studies, albeit few, show how centella also has a positive effect on mood and quality of life in general.

Gotu kola is contained within the Depur Complex which, associated with Healthy Legs , favors the drainage of liquids and supports the microcirculation.

In addition, centella is the ingredient based on the Anti- Fatigue Cream , a rapidly absorbed cream that reduces the sense of heaviness and swelling thanks to its cold effect given by menthol .