With the arrival of the heat you begin to uncover your legs and it is also important to take care of the external appearance, going to improve any imperfections that may exist, also caused by problems related to poor circulation . These cause blemishes such as particularly visible and enlarged blue veins, dull skin and also pain and heaviness in the legs .  

With the heat the walls of the veins can lose tone, starting to slow down the blood flow and unfortunately favoring annoying stagnations that can subsequently trigger more serious disorders.  


  • Sedentary lifestyle  
  • Overweight or unbalanced diet  
  • Poorly breathable clothing such as jeans or tight pants or the use of high heels or on the contrary shoes that are too low.  


Inside we find four plants that synergistically improve circulation. 

Horse chestnut : helps regulate the sweating process and supports the functionality of the microcirculation, decreases capillary fragility, promotes the reactivation of blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory action indicated in cases of vascular disorders such as hemorrhoids, cellulite and heaviness. 

Butcher 's broom: supports the functionality of the microcirculation and counteracts the sense of heaviness in the legs. Also useful in case of cellulite and capillary fragility. 

Bilberry : supports the functionality of the microcirculation, decreasing the sense of swelling and heaviness in the legs. Promotes the drainage of body fluids . It is rich in anthocyanins which perform a powerful antioxidant action on the level of various organs. 

Vine : vine leaves are rich in anthocyanins which are responsible for the vitamin P action with the function of vascular protection at the level of capillaries and veins.
Useful for promoting microcirculation and in case of capillary fragility. In addition, it boasts an antioxidant action. 

It is a medicinal compound that can be used both internally and externally (topical use) for example by adding these active ingredients to a base cream or vegetable oil to carry out its action also through a massage.