During the holidays, stress decreases, you relax, visit new and interesting countries and culinary cultures and, often, the consumption of alcohol increases.

Several factors contribute to making us go home with a few extra pounds… not just in hand luggage!

Once the holidays are over, the new resumption of everyday life lends itself particularly well to starting on the right foot and implementing some good intentions… starting with physical activity.

It is very easy to find excuses and sink back into the sofa: from lack of time, desire or money ... and then there are the children to take to the pool or dinner to prepare.


Here are some simple tips, bearing in mind that a good workout consists of exercises:

  • Aerobic: if done on a regular basis, they contribute to improve the activity of the metabolism , increasing the ability to transform and burn fat . In addition, they promote the elimination of toxins and accumulated liquids, which hinder the weight loss .
    What to do: zumba, aerobics, exercise bike, brisk walking, dance or step. For this last activity you can take advantage of a step: with a straight back and relaxed shoulders, go up and down 20 times first with one leg then with the other, do at least 3 sets with a one-minute break. Avoid making sharp jumps to avoid damaging your knees.
  • Anaerobic: characterized by intense but short-lived efforts such as jumps, weight lifting, i.e. activities during which the body is brought close to the limit of one's strength or speed. This type of exercise needs moments of rest before being repeated and aims at tone and strengthen the part of the body subjected to stress. Recommended for those who are healthy and must be addressed gradually, increasing repetitions and reducing breaks from week to week.
    What to do: Lunges _For legs and buttocks. Put one foot on a step, begin to go down on one leg while taking a step backwards with the other, until the knee touches the floor. Perform 5 sets of 15 reps on both right and left, with a 40-second pause in between.
  • Lower abdominals _ with your hands encircle the legs of the table and rhythmically raise your legs with your feet together and with a hammer. Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions, with a 40-second pause in between.
  • High Abs - try to lock your feet under the bed or sofa and lift your shoulders and back off the ground, keeping it straight and in line with your neck. Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions, with a 40-second pause in between.
  • Outer thigh and buttocks _ position standing behind a chair, supported by the backrest and open one leg at a time by moving it sideways upwards, keeping it straight and with the hammer foot. Stay in the same position and, this time, lift your leg back, instead of sideways. Of each exercise, perform 5 sets of 15 repetitions, both left and right, with a 40-second pause in between.
  • Arms and shoulders_ hold two half-liter bottles (filled with water or sand) and, keeping your back straight, raise your arms sideways. Perform 5 sets of 20 repetitions, with a 40-second pause in between.

In addition to these brief ideas, it is possible to do free body gymnastics or use simple objects such as a broom stick for twisting or cans of beans instead of weights… just a little imagination and good will!

If you find that you are low on energy and suffer from frequent cramps or muscle aches, it may be a magnesium deficiency.
Supplement your diet with Magnesium Chloride and drink lots of good water!