Seeking comfort in food, both sweet and salty, by exaggerating the quantities, is often a remedy adopted by those who feel a little down in the dumps. When fatigue, anxiety and sadness take over, you mistakenly take refuge in food, greatly increasing your daily requirement, incurring unwanted weight gain.

During the pandemic emergency, nervous hunger was favored by the context itself and the inability to lead the old life generated annoyance, panic and sadness. In cases like these, food can seem like a great way to cheer yourself up. However, food should not be a pastime , even if in some moments, it is right to indulge in a small sin of gluttony. For example, a square of chocolate in the evening before going to sleep is allowed, but you have to be careful not to make it the rule.

There are several ways to release tension and not suffocate your problems with food. For example, reading, writing, painting or crafts can be an excellent outlet, as can sports or listening to good music.


An effective solution that comes from nature is Rhodiola Rosea !

It is a powerful adaptogen, because it is able to improve the specific response of the body, normalize physiological processes and increase the body's resistance to stress. The active ingredient responsible for all these benefits is called rosavin and is able to positively influence the availability of serotonin (a feel-good hormone).

Not only to counteract nervous hunger attacks, Rhodiola is also useful for:

  • Who is about to face big changes in their life , as it allows the body to respond correctly to negative stimuli, to remain strong and healthy to face adversity and stress in the best way.
  • Who studies , because it minimizes the negative effects of stress by improving concentration and memory skills. In addition, it helps to manage anxiety and emotionality in favor of positive results .
  • Anyone who is overweight and is trying to lose the extra pounds . In fact, Rhodiola can be a valid ally as it has a positive influence on the metabolism and the ability to break down fats. In this case it is recommended to take the product before meals.
  • Those who play sports because it increases physical and mental endurance , without having the doping effect and without side effects. The use of Rhodiola rosea, therefore, is effective in any competitive and non-competitive sports field.

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