Despite their importance, the role of the kidneys is often underestimated when we think about our health.

The kidneys are not limited to eliminating liquids and waste from our body but have other equally important functions: they eliminate excess mineral salts And toxic substances taken by our body, they control the level of acidity of the blood , regulate the pressure , stimulate the production of red blood cells and calcium absorption .

The recent study (Cardiovascular risk in Renal patients of the Health Examination Survey - CARHES), conducted by the Italian Society of Nephrology, photographed the real spread of kidney disease in Italy, so much so that one in ten Italians suffer, unknowingly, from a chronic kidney disease.

The course of these pathologies, in fact, is often silent until almost the final stages, when unfortunately, the intervention space is reduced to dialysis or kidney transplantation.

As always, the best approach is prevention, as Hypocrates said:

"Let Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food"

The first element, also in order of importance is the water . It is essential that the body is always well hydrated and this means drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. In fact, the main cause of kidney stones is the poor intake of water. The presence of kidney stones, in turn, increases the risk of developing chronic kidney disease.

In general, the diet should be low in proteins . Therefore it will be advisable to limit the consumption of meat, fish, eggs, meats, cheeses and dairy products.

Another good habit is to reduce the consumption of sodium , i.e. salt. Here are some tips to make the transition to a less salty diet easier:

  • Rinse canned vegetables and legumes well.
  • Gradually reduce the addition of salt to your favorite dishes, you will soon get used to enhancing the "real" taste of the dishes again.
  • Season with aromatic herbs, spices, garlic and lemon instead of salt for flavor.
  • Avoid keeping the salt shaker on the table.
  • Read the ingredients on food labels carefully before buying them. It will allow you to choose the ones with the lowest sodium content. Of course, this also applies to bottled water.

To keep your kidneys healthy, remember to purify them once or twice a year. It is possible to do it with herbal teas and natural macerates but to simplify the procedure and combine the best qualities of medicinal plants we have created the Enhanced Kidney Purifier .

Its formula includes:

  • Goldenrod, Burdock and Bearberry, known to support kidney activity: they help drain body fluids , a enhance diuresis And prevent stone formation .
  • Birch, Pilosella, Cherry, Beech and Poplar help to purify the body it's at expel toxins through diuresis.