Moving the clocks forward by an hour leads to energy savings but also to some imbalance for our body and its biorhythms, since the usual time of daily activities, meals and rest will vary by 60 minutes.

For a few days more than 15% of Italians will suffer from moodiness, insomnia, fatigue or migraine . These symptoms are due to the fact that our internal clock and the one we wear on our wrist are no longer in sync.

Here are some tips to face this change more serenely:

- A breakfast rich in simple sugars helps to produce more serotonin, improving energy and good mood.

- Drink plenty of water throughout the day and don't forget the importance of proper hydration.

- Integration with Rhodiola Rosea it can be very valuable, as it is powerful adaptogen , useful for increasing the body's resistance to stress and changes. Counteracts sleep disorders, helping to regain concentration.

- Taking a supplement multivitamin And multimineral as ours Plurimo , it is a precious support for the immune system during climate change and for the organism in general, in the most intense and demanding moments of the year. Effectively counteracts fatigue and weakness.

- Limit heavy foods and stimulants like coffee and chocolate, which can have negative effects on sleep quality.

- Thanks to the longer days you can take advantage of the evening to take a relaxing walk, in fact physical activity will attenuate the hormonal effects of the change of time.

- Exposing yourself to sunlight favors the restoration of the circadian rhythm, that is the wake-sleep rhythm, of variation in body temperature, of secretion of cortisol and of various other biological substances and parameters related to the circulatory system.

- Before going to sleep, a relaxing herbal tea can improve the quality of your rest. Mallow, lemon balm and valerian are very suitable.

... and think positively, the summer is coming!